Revolving Door Between The MPAA And The Federal Government

from the how-you-get-laws-passed dept

Via Parker Higgins we learn of a graphical representation of the revolving door between the MPAA and the federal government from, purveyor of useful visuals to explain economic truths:

Not all of these are current, of course. Dan Glickman left well before Chris Dodd showed up, for example Still, it does give you an idea of why the MPAA always seemed to get its way with the government.

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Comments on “Revolving Door Between The MPAA And The Federal Government”

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MrWilson says:

Re: Re:

“What a shocker! A lobbying organization hires former politicians and staffers?”

No, this isn’t shocking, but it should be. That’s the problem. There’s nothing at all surprising about the openness of this form of corruption.

“There’s got to be an evil conspiracy here somewhere.”

There is no conspiracy. It’s right out in the open. Parts of the government and large corporations are actively involved in influence peddling.

TheStupidOne says:

Re: Re:

Well … It makes absolute sense for anyone attempting to influence politicians to hire a politician to do so. They know the in and outs of DC, they understand the politics behind the scene, and they will almost certainly do a better job than I would. However what the above graphic doesn’t tell is the apparent reasons that these people went to work in the MPAA. The members of congress fight hard for unpopular legislation that helps the MPAA and then gets a cushy job with them. Congressional staffers sneak language into legislation with the same results. (I didn’t read your article, so perhaps Google and Susan Molinari aren’t clean either)

Hiring former politicians isn’t necessarily a problem, hiring a former politician as a reward for behavior that is detrimental to their constituents or the nation at large is.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re:

It might well be. What’s her history? Did she participate in suspiciously one-sided deals to benefit Google’s interests at the expense of others or take bribes or other deals to help kill competition and/or tilt the market in their favour? Did she recently fight tooth and nail to protect the organisation’s interests in Washington, only to land in a cushy lobbying position mere months later?

If so, then this is also bad and we thank you for bringing it to our attention. If not, then it’s yet another strawman attempt at misdirection. In that case, please try to understand the actual objection, I know it’s difficult for you. It might also help to address objections with something other that “but Google!”.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Molinari has been out of congress for more than 14 years, unlike Dodd who went to the mpaa right after retiring from the senate, also dodd said he would not become a lobbyist.

Molinari was not a direct lobbyist, instead running a consulting firm that showed you how to lobby congress.

There are many such firms on K street, just walk down it and see all the different firms, lobbyist and consulting.

Dodd is the larger of the two whores here.

silverscarcat says:

Re: Re: It's time!

Now, now…

We don’t kill ALL the lawyers… We need prosecutors to go after real criminals, like murderers, rapists, Chris Dodd, Cary Sherman, Bank of America, Wells Fargo…

We need lawyers to defend innocent people who get accused, like a falsely accused rapist or murderer, those elderly grandmothers, the dead, the puppy, that fax machine, and the girl that could barely walk from the MPAA and RIAA

The other lawyers, however, are fair game.

TheStupidOne says:

The Fix

2 things that should be done to fix this (apparent) problem of corruption in Congress:

First: Outlaw campaign donations to incumbent candidates. Fund the campaigns with federal tax dollars. Pay for that by eliminating subsidies for industries that only have them because of their fantastic lobbying efforts and raising taxes on individuals and organizations that have unusually low tax rates.

Second: Have an automatic ethics review of any politician that gets hired by a private company for a salary greater than what they were making in congress. Create criminal punishments for violations of the ethics rules (I won’t define those here), and have charges brought by the ethics review group and a jury trial to determine guilt.

TtfnJohn (profile) says:


Is it that former politicians, a mutation that really doesn’t exist in the wild, and MPAA execs get together and breed. Then in a remarkably short gestation and maturation process give birth to, all intents and purposes, an identical copy of the former politician though lacking, perhaps, the morals and ethics which the former politician occasionally displayed.

Thomas (profile) says:

The MPAA and others..

know full well how to use bribery to get what they want. They simply promise employment to key people to make sure things happen, then when the key people leave the government they get cushy jobs at huge salaries. This might not fit some people’s definition of bribery, but the intent is bribery plain and simple. We have a government that is owned by businesses and the rich and money talks and gets results in Congress, the White House, the federal courts and the SCOTUS as well. It’s part of the culture that we have come to accept and expect and people aren’t willing to do anything about it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Yes, I think that congress and the movie industry should be damned to hire people with no experience. Why hire people who know the system and understand how to get things done, when you can hire perfectly ignorant people who are going to spend time twiddling their thumbs and going in circles?


Mike, you need to join the real world!

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