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Posted on Techdirt - 15 September 2012 @ 12:00pm

Lowestofthekeys' Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week

Reading through the menagerie of Techdirt posts this week led me to develop a better understanding of how some of these media companies work as well as to increase my disdain for Hollywood and their view of the consumer.

First up, we have the article regarding HBO’s lack of foresight:

It’s awesome to run a business; I don’t attempt to run a business because pop music already gives me high blood pressure. I do understand certain fundamentals though, like planning for the long-term. HBO apparently doesn’t understand this, and as bob so brilliantly brought out (Black Swan wins again!), the industry has set itself up into a position where it has to maintain revenues at a specific level or it will collapse. Because of this, the consumer suffers because HBO expects us to adapt to their needs.

Second, we have the article about Disney’s presentation on copyright and creativity:

The pattern of shortsightedness continues, though here we have a company that built itself on two things: copyright and public domain, but seems to be very focused on the copyright aspect. I haven’t seen the presentation, but if I were the gambling type, I’d place my bets on the fact that it will be geared towards stronger copyright law and it’s relation to creativity. If this proves true, then it just adds insult to injury with Disney’s already stellar record of denying the public domain, and by extension creators everywhere, the content it needs.

My third favorite was Zach Knight’s (vampire detective?) article on focusing on why people don’t buy:

To me, this article focuses on two things: foresight and analysis. These two aspects are key to marketing effectively, but yet Hollywood is focused on preventing stage six, which basically means their time and effort is spent trying to prevent people from taking things for free instead of nipping the process in the bud by seeing what they can change earlier on to make people want to buy. Frankly, the latter seems like it has a more sustainable, long-term effect while the former just sustains the current model. This is, once again, an example of why Steve Jobs was an awesome businessman, and Hollywood is a terrible child.

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