Scribd Comes Out Against SOPA By Making Documents Disappear

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One of the more interesting things about what’s happening as the tech and startup world recognizes just how ridiculous SOPA and PROTECT IP are, is that many tech companies are coming up with their own unique and interesting ways to make their users aware of it. Tumblr blacked out its dashboard. Reddit set up a SOPA subreddit and has publicly advocated against the bill. Etsy alerted all of its users to the threat of SOPA on Etsy (multiple times). The latest interesting one, as noted by Alex Howard, is that Scribd has officially come out against the bill and is doing so by making text from various documents (including the analysis from famed Constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe about how SOPA & PIPA violate the First Amendment) disappear before your eyes, before asking you to call Congress.

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Comments on “Scribd Comes Out Against SOPA By Making Documents Disappear”

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Capitalist Lion Tamer (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

A Congressional order prevented Wikipedia from shutting down after many members expressed their concern that if this information were suddenly unavailable, they “would have no way of knowing who they were addressing during legislative proceedings, what exactly a ‘legislative proceeding’ entails, what state exactly they’re supposedly representing or who that guy was that looked so familiar in ‘Knockaround Guys’ (Seth Green).”

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“They aren’t giving anyone a realistic impression of what is going on.”

Yes, we get it. Anyone who disagrees with you has to be either brainwashed or misled. only you have the truth, even though you won’t explain what’s wrong. We get it.

At a rough guess, they’re coming out because they’ve already been the target of questionable lawsuits and other attempts to take them down despite doing nothing wrong.


“Another company that can’t be bothered to know their clients.”

Oh, they know their clients alright. They also know the dangers that unfounded attacks would cause them under SOPA, hence the problems.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

“Yes, and their lawyers have probably also explained to them how they can all end up being very, very rich if an unfounded attack comes in.”

[citation needed]

The penalties for filing a bogus takedown are small, I believe they only cover lawyer fees and that’s it (which can’t make a company rich since they had to pay out those lawyer fees, though it can make the lawyers rich so either way the lawyers win), and those penalties pale in comparison to infringement. SOPA supporters have been fighting against increasing the penalties for filing a bogus takedown request. Not to mention, intent is difficult to prove and is required to get only a somewhat better reward.

Drak says:

Re: Re:

If you read it closely enough it could be used to kill puppies and kittens. What if the kitten was to file a bogus copyright claim and then the massive backlash against such tactics, as boldly and clearly stated in the bill, caused the kittne to commit suicide due to a large settlement being levied against him?

I’d feel so very bad for the kitten.

Machin Shin says:

Re: re

Sadly I think Google is not brave enough to really do as much as they should. Could you imagine if everyone who was against this just shut down their webpages even for just a few hours? suddenly no Wikipedia, no Google, and many more suddenly not there. That would wake up the world to this, but these companies fear the loss of that money.

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