Software Developer Connects With Fans At The Altar

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It seems to me that there’s a fundemental disconnect that occurs when we discuss CwF+RtB here at Techdirt. Some have trouble latching onto the concept, devolving it into a kind of asanine repetition of “putt putt golf” jokes and t-shirt discussions. It’s much more than that, of course. It’s a mantra, a way of being, more akin to a philosophy than strictly a business plan. I won’t bore you with long-winded diatribes about karmic energies, just the short mention in the words previous. Examples tell the story better, from Kevin Smith merging his brand with the good will of his fans, to going where your fans are (even if that place is unauthorized), to actually taking off your angry artist hat and getting your fans involved in creating the art.

And now Anthony Biedenkapp writes in with the heartwarming Ars Technica story of two crazy kids in love with each other and a videogame, and the story of how the software developer loved them back. Jay Greschner and his fiance were big fans of the game Bastion, developed by Supergiant Games. On a lark, Greschner wrote an email to Supergiant Games asking if there was anyway they could provide some audio for his wedding. They did, in a big way:

“Soon after, Greg Kasavin (writer and creative director of Bastion) got back to me and we had a brief discussion. In my initial e-mails I had sent a couple of example lines but Greg replied that the Narrator had a certain tone that he wanted to keep even though this was out of game and was wondering if he could write some stuff up for Logan. I had no problem with this and Greg said that they’d try and record some lines before PAX Prime.

A couple of days later, I got another e-mail containing 4 recordings that the Narrator had done for us and was just amazed and honored that Supergiant Games would do this for me.”

That’s a true connection. We have this idea that businesses are these far away entities, disconnected from their fans by whatever middlemen are involved, be they record labels, publishing companies, or retail stores. But that’s crap. Even in a big world like ours, true personal connections are possible. More to the point, in the digital era, the world has shrunk and those connections are even more possible than they were before. Kudos to Supergiant Games and many happy years to the Greschners.

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Comments on “Software Developer Connects With Fans At The Altar”

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Joe Publius (profile) says:

Though I think we might have to consider this level of connection a one-off deal, big every-once-in-a-while connections are a great point to find the little everyday connections, and a “Make your own Bastion Narrations” service would be cool.

Bastion is a great game, and now I’m even happier that my money seems to have been spent on some good and savvy people.

technomage (profile) says:

Similar story

I had a similar thing happen with me, with one of the writers that I support. M.R.Sellars connects with his fans by personally answering emails sent to him. I made the request to him through email, that a good friend of mine needed something truly special for Christmas one year. I asked him if he could send her a Christmas card, and after a some bantering back and forth, he agreed. Getting her something unique, and him going out of his way for two fans, insured that ALL of his future books will be bought.

Anonymous Coward says:

“It seems to me that there’s a fundemental disconnect that occurs when we discuss CwF+RtB here at Techdirt. Some have trouble latching onto the concept, devolving it into a kind of asanine repetition of “putt putt golf” jokes and t-shirt discussions”

Spell check


Please fix … Please please please

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