Lady Gaga Tries To Seize Fan Domain… But Fails

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While we’ve noted that Lady Gaga seems to be really on top of things when it comes to copyright issues on her music, in other areas of her operations, she’s pretty aggressive in pushing intellectual property claims. We’ve noted, for example, her attempts to aggressively use trademark claims to stop “Baby Gaga” ice cream and copyright claims to control her image by photographers. As we noted, to Lady Gaga, intellectual property seems to have nothing to do with her music, but everything to do with her image.

It’s too bad she recognizes the benefits of being open in one aspect of her business, but not in other areas. Of course, the constant overreaches aren’t always successful. Take, for example, her recent attempt to gain control over a fan site at Rather than embrace the fan site and be happy for the support, Gaga and/or her management, went to the National Arbitration Forum and argued that this fan had registered the domain in bad faith:

The owner of the site then responded that it was merely a non-commercial, unofficial fan site for Gaga that “does not have any sponsored links or links to third-party websites which market and sell merchandise bearing Complainant?s trademark.?

The owner added that her fan site supported Gaga’s fame and was giving the singer free publicity. In other words, the site owner (identified as “Miranda”) loves Lady Gaga so much that she’s willing to erect a digital shrine to her, and lawyers shouldn’t interfere.

Of course, it’s quite a fan who’s willing to still erect a digital shrine to an artist who goes legal to try to seize their domain. However, the NAF wasted little time in siding with the woman who owned the domain and against Lady Gaga. The ruling made clear that such a fan site is a perfectly legitimate purpose for the domain name.

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Comments on “Lady Gaga Tries To Seize Fan Domain… But Fails”

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Ninja (profile) says:

Re: "Lady Gaga" sells occult sex goddess schtick.

Let us assume the premise that I am a fan. In this hypothetical scenario, I’m sure I’d throw my money at her if she never made any songs, just because she’s some pretty face with weird clothes.

But then again, I might pay her depending on my intents and her “profession” (again, please assume that I actually think she’s hot and pretty for this to work).

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