EU Commissioner Asks Big Copyright To Increase Their Lobbying Efforts For More Draconian Copyright Law

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EU Commissioner Karel de Gucht has been the EU’s main supporter behind ACTA. de Gucht was caught lying about ACTA last year to get it approved (telling EU members that ACTA fit under existing laws, and only later admitting some members might have to change their laws). He also refused to turn over some important documents requested by an EU Parliament member concerning ACTA, claiming that (contrary to what the law says) as long as he answered questions, he didn’t have to turn over the documents.

So it probably comes as little surprise that, in a recent speech about intellectual property issues in Europe, he directly appealed to copyright holders to increase their lobbying, because those darn critics of stronger copyright apparently are speaking up too much:

I would like to call upon you to support our efforts to improve and implement IPR regimes in a more active manner. The European Commission defends your interests by promoting the development of effective IP systems, within the EU and also in third countries. However, we are increasingly faced with loud voices that come out against IP for many different reasons, often unfounded. We need you to help us to help you by enlarging the debate.

This is pretty funny. The debate has been totally and completely owned by those in favor of stricter, more draconian copyright law — contrary to almost all evidence on the best levels of intellectual property rules and enforcement. The critics simply don’t get heard at all.

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Comments on “EU Commissioner Asks Big Copyright To Increase Their Lobbying Efforts For More Draconian Copyright Law”

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jimbo says:

he is not in the position he holds to simply do whatever he can to encourage or get implemented laws that favour any individual industry. he is there to do what is best for all. being so openly ‘entertainment industry’ oriented, he should be forced to face some sort of disciplinary committee or actually lose his job! especially after lying to the commission previously over ACTA and refusing to ‘turn over requested documents’. his affairs need checking too, because he surely can’t be going down this road without receiving some sort of ‘incentive’ from ‘concerned parties’ to do so!

Anonymous Coward says:

while some developing countries do face important challenges in putting in place appropriate IP regimes and will need time and assistance I do not subscribe to the view that weak IP protection in developing countries is inherently in their interest, as these regimes should also enable them to leverage the value of their own intangible assets, such as local culture and local agricultural products (which can be protected as plant varieties or as geographical indications) and to avoid them becoming a target of infringers.

I don’t get that part, how is that something that is free for everyone to use it to prosper be better served by locking it away in the hands of a few?

How can one big business move more money than hundreds of thousands of business?

What happens in every single monopoly ever granted?
Not talking about the natural monopolies here, that would survive even if there were no protections because they don’t depend on legal crutches but natural barriers, but about granted monopolies that strain society economically while robbing its constituents of civil rights paid for in blood.

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