Lodsys Strikes Again: Sues Rovio For Patent Infringement Over Angry Birds

from the where-does-the-mighty-eagle-stand-on-patents? dept

You almost have to wonder if Lodsys is filing its patent infringement lawsuits solely to demonstrate how ridiculous the system is. Its latest lawsuit is against Rovio, the makers of the nearly ubiquitous destroyer-of-productivity game Angry Birds. One hopes that Rovio, with the many millions of dollars its raised recently, can afford one mighty eagle of a lawyer, and perhaps it can show Lodsys what happens to pigs with bogus patents.

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Companies: lodsys, rovio

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Comments on “Lodsys Strikes Again: Sues Rovio For Patent Infringement Over Angry Birds”

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Manabi (profile) says:

Re: Mighty Eagle Lawyer

I think it’s Lodsys that’s going to be in dire need of buying a judge, the article says Lodsys also added Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive and Atari to the lawsuit along with Rovio. It’s like they’re trying to sue as many companies who can afford to hire lawyers by the busload, that can’t be a smart lawsuit strategy.

Jan Bilek (profile) says:

Re: Re: Rovio? In a court in Texas?

So this strategy would work as long as you set up a distribution system that do not depend on any American company, right?

Europe has always been more bureaucratic than US which made us less competitive. Current US software patents system could be finally something that makes US less competitive – EU should leverage that!

Derek Kerton (profile) says:

Re: My Wish

If you did, it wouldn’t do much. Lodsys’ offices are basically fake, in an empty building in Marshall, TX. Empty as in not even Lodsys is really there.

The brick would probably sit there for months before some cleaning crew even noticed.


G Thompson (profile) says:

Nope its the newest Incarnation of The Byrds

with their new song Angry! Angry! Angry!

To IP Laws, Angry Angry Angry
There is a troll, Angry Angry Angry
And a time for us to stand up for the public

A Time to free up licenses, a time to give back to the public
A time to litigate, a time to instigate
A time to re-assess, a time for a free press
A time to free our culture, a time to kill the vultures

A Time to remove patent trolling, a time to kick some ass.

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