DailyDirt: Deadly Lab Accidents

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Working in a scientific field can be really difficult sometimes. And sometimes it can even be life-threatening. The multitude of “CSI” TV shows don’t generally portray how dangerous a laboratory can be in reality, so here are some sobering links to remind us about the importance of lab safety.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Deadly Lab Accidents”

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Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:

Mercury poisoning

Let’s be clear, and discontinue the ignorant fear of mercury. The researcher died of exposure to METHYLATED MERCURY!
Sure, mercury can be bad; even dangerous – but the extreme events listed were all due to COMPOUNDS of mercury; so, for example, mercury in vaccines and tooth fillings, while banned now, and rightfully so, are NOT the villains they are assumed
to be by people who should know to “speak when you know something about what you are saying!”

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