DailyDirt: Nothing To Fear, Maybe

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The urban legend about poisoned candy on Halloween has pushed parents away from handing out home-made treats — even though the realistic odds of finding dangerous treats is vanishingly small. Still, there are some crazy people out there, so maybe it’s better safe than sorry. Just know that getting hit by a car while crossing the street is a far more frequent occurrence on Halloween….

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Nothing To Fear, Maybe”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Candy makers came up with the idea that convincing the parents that the only safe candy was store bought. Now that parents are scared to let their kids wander the streets for trick or treat, a real american tradition has been lost. Candy makers aren’t doing better as far as I can see because it has spread too far and there are almost no kids on the streets going door to door like there used to be. Haven’t bought any candy for Halloween in years now. Kids just quit coming to the door.

Rekrul says:

I usually give out full-sized Nestle Crunch bars because it’s what the kids seem to prefer. A couple years back, I bought a variety pack and let the kids choose and they all picked the Nestle Crunch bars first.

I like Halloween. For the past couple years, I’ve been rigging a dummy on my front porch so that I can raise the right arm when the kids come in. It’s provoked a few yelps and even one scream.

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