Mexican Congress Says No To ACTA

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Earlier, we mentioned that a bill from the Mexican Congress opposing ACTA was going to the full Congress today, and apparently the bill was approved. Now, the question is whether or not the Mexican executive branch will try to ignore the will of Congress on this issue and sign ACTA anyway. And, some will undoubtedly point out that this isn’t quite as strong as it might have been, as it wasn’t a separate vote, but the Mexican Congress rolled up a few different bills into one because they were “running out of time.” I’m not sure I want to comment on what I think of a legislative body doing something like that.

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Comments on “Mexican Congress Says No To ACTA”

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Sinkdeep says:

they were investing all the the time in electoral issues. The point was discussed and tabled for vote a day before in a Comission.

That proposal was the result of the 6 month working group on ACTA with all stakeholders were the government couldnt justidy or explain how will be implemented.

After the voting today there was another audience in Senate with citizens. Some senators informed that they don support ACTA and wont pass a least during this administration that ends on 2012. And also Senador Doring, proposed take measures, legislative ones, to make sure it wont pass in the future neither.

This time they did it right. I know is surprising but the thing is that they found a very active and informed society that won’t let ACTA pass.


If you want more info mike, look for @senadoring @senadocastellon and @jeramm on twitter 🙂


govt of canada is doing it

they even gave it a name …omnibus….i call it ominous has that warrantless spy on net in it with other crime crap.THEN what they do is go off and say that the opposition was not tough on crime….what govt needs no oversight and warrants is akin to nazi germany end of story and godwin can’t help you cause its exactly what hitler did in hte early and mid 30’s. CANADA has not learned by its history and thus will be doomed to repeat it.

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Iunno, Brazil has shown no love for ACTA, in fact, they were opposed until the US put in the big lobbying guns. mebe they’ll revise their stand again now that they know they wont be standing alone

Brazil is not a party to ACTA. They were not invited to the negotiations and are in no position to sign. They have expressed concerns about the agreement, but the new Brazilian gov’t seems to have gone the completely opposite direction as the old one.

abc gum says:

Re: Rolling different bills into one.

“…when an attempt was made to pass a line veto bill … the US voters rejected it”

What are you talking about? In what year was this put upon the ballot for all US citizens to vote upon?

Possibly you blame the voters for what congress does, that is a completely different topic.

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