Winklevii Finally Realize That Appealing To The Supreme Court Is A Lost Cause; Will Have To Live With 'Just' $160 Million

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When the Winklevoss twins lost at the appeals court for the second time, I had hoped that someone would sit them down and explain to them that there was simply no freaking way the Supreme Court would bother to hear an appeal on their case, in which they complain about how they settled for “only” $160 million for building a company that wasn’t Facebook and wasn’t very popular. And yet, they still insisted that they would appeal. I’m not sure who did it, but it appears that someone finally sat them down and explained to them how the Supreme Court works, what kinds of cases it takes, and how it would almost certainly react to a petition to hear their case… and it’s finally dawned on them that this would be a good time to take the money (which is probably worth even more now thanks to Facebook’s continued growth) and say, “thank you.” Yes, it’s true, the Winklevii have finally realized what the rest of the world realized a while ago: the case is done and there will be no appeal to the Supreme Court. I guess that storyline is now out of the running for the sequel movie to The Social Network. Thankfully, we’ve still got Paul Ceglia running around, and his story is a lot more entertaining anyway.

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Comments on “Winklevii Finally Realize That Appealing To The Supreme Court Is A Lost Cause; Will Have To Live With 'Just' $160 Million”

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jsf (profile) says:

It isn't enough, because of the lawyers

My guess is that they agreed to give their lawyers a huge cut, they ran up huge legal bills, or both. So even though the total amount is larger they may actually only get a few million each after taxes. Which of course they don’t see as enough actually in their pockets.

It was still stupid of them to push things. Because if they hadn’t they would have probably had significantly more in their pockets. When it comes to money, particularly what looks to be a lot of money, most people don’t think logically.

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