Lodsys Sues Developers Ahead Of The Deadline It Gave Developers To Pay Up

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This really isn’t much of a surprise, but the new posterboy for the problems of a patent system gone mad, Lodsys, apparently isn’t taking its recent tongue-lashing from Apple all that seriously. Instead, it’s just ramped up its campaign to sue software publishers — even though it filed these lawsuits before the time on its demand letter had ticked off the clock. The reason, of course, was so Lodsys could get the lawsuits going in East Texas and its notoriously patent-holder friendly court system. Of course, this is also pretty obnoxious. Why give someone a deadline at all if you’re going to sue them before the deadline?

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Comments on “Lodsys Sues Developers Ahead Of The Deadline It Gave Developers To Pay Up”

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Capitalist Lion Tamer (profile) says:

At some point, the rest of the nation’s judicial system is going to ask East Texas to secede. That will make some Texans happy and they may just be enthusiastic enough to do it for the rest of the state.

Thousands of patent lawsuits will be invalidated and football will truly become an international sport. (Yes, I know Canada has their own football thing, but wasn’t that just started to give Doug Flutie somewhere to play until he got bigger?)

Anonymous Coward says:

Perfectly Simple Fix

All this patent system badness is coming from one thing – the offense of patent infringement. Dump it. Repeal that part of the law. Patents should be there to be used by anybody, for free. Inventors make money by consulting fees, not by running an extortion racket. Any inventor who does not like it is free not to patent. Trade secret law is still there. They could make money by putting their secret technology into a product and selling it. If somebody else figures out the secret, too bad, it was not much of a secret. Independent invention should be encouraged.

The quality of patents is now so pitiful that they do not deserve to be the basis of a government-granted monopoly privilege. Take it away. It was never a good idea to grant such monopoly privileges in the first place. Monopolies damage the economy, remember?

AdamR (profile) says:

With Apple finally speaking up and saying their developers didn’t infringe and are covered by Apple’s license of said patent they were forced to move up the lawsuit. I guess they don’t want to give the developers or especially Apple and EFF time to set up a solid defense against Lodsys. What’s odd about all this, has Google or Microsoft spoken about this yet? Those developers targets also?

darryl says:

what law says they have to keep or even set a 'deadline' ???

the courts (any courts) would not even consider this as evidence or have it heard.

It has nothing to do with the legalities of the case, its not like a bill that has a deadline, after which you default on the payment.

They are going to court for patent and IP issues, not on defaulting on a bill payment.

Again, Mike you appear to totally miss the point.

Where is the law that says you have to provide the other company with a deadline, or have to keep to that deadline ?

oh thats right, there is NOT ONE…

patent litigation (user link) says:

you can't blame them

When patent trolls regularly collect triple the amount of damages awarded to practicing entities in patent litigation, it is certainly no surprise that more patent trolls are springing up and becoming ever more aggressive. They have everything to gain and relatively little to lose by filing patent enforcement actions. I fear that the only way to minimize the threat that PAEs pose to small businesses is by eliminating their incentives to assert patents — i.e., by limiting the damages that they can collect. In the meantime, you can’t really blame a company like Lodsys for taking advantage of weaknesses in the legal system.

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