DailyDirt: Making Popcorn In Modern Times

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Folks have been making microwave popcorn for a few decades now, but there are other ways to make popcorn. Some old school methods actually involve fire… Here are a couple serving suggestions for popping a few kernels.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Making Popcorn In Modern Times”

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Jimr (profile) says:

Popcorn... good to the last kernal

We often made pop corn over (in) the fire place. As nothing like running outside with giant fire that once was quickly popped, then burnt, then on fire pop corn. Ah the smell of burnt pop corn stayed in the house for days…

Then came the hot air popper. They worked fairly good but lots of unpopped seeds left over.

Microwave popcorn was nice but expensive. A few trail and errors and we did the brown paper bag trick. The smell of this burnt microwave popcorn would clean out in an hour.

After all that Theater popcorn is the the best. Could never really afford an industry popper like those ones. But now you can buy small home ones. My from Costco sits in the bar and make the best popcorn but no burnt smell.

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