DailyDirt: Weapons In The Sky

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Completely autonomous drones that can decide who or what to strike are still many years away from becoming a reality, but the military has already developed various unmanned aircraft that it’s been using primarily for gathering intelligence (rather than for attacking targets). Here are a few more examples of some of the high-tech flying weapons that exist today.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Weapons In The Sky”

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JackOfShadows (profile) says:


The US Navy’s UCAS X-47D also successfully accomplished a touch-and-go on the USS George H. W. Bush . I have no word on whether it did the T&G on its own or used the carriers built-in ACLS (Automated Carrier Landing System. [ACLS automagically lands the plane but pilots, being control freaks, loathe it.] Standing-room only, aircraft on deck, both of which were surprising. Usually we don’t allow audiences, then again, seems like it’s doing extremely well.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Actually...

X-47 only has its own control, as directed by an operator. Landings (and T&G’s) are completely automatic, controlled by the onboard computer.

I can also understand why Naval Aviators are hesitant to use the automated system. I personally think that the one who tested the auto-landing system for the UCAS-D has balls of steel to ride an F-18 onto the deck with his hands off the stick.

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