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The hot sauce that has gotten insanely popular over the past few years is getting into everything. Several fast food chains — Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Taco Bell, Subway, Jack In The Box, Panda Express, Wendy’s — have added Sriracha to their menu in some way. There’s no trademark on Sriracha, so there’s no legal friction to using the name/product. Maybe some products aren’t using the real sauce, but it’s still free advertising for the authentic Sriracha. (And do you really want to risk alienating the rabid fans of Sriracha just to save a few bucks using a knock-off hot sauce?)

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Sriracha In Everything”

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art guerrilla (profile) says:

Re: Re:

andrew ? is that you ? ? ?
hee hee hee

fyi, andrew zimmern of ‘bizarre foods’ teevee show (which i like and watch a lot), had a segment on a show i saw recently about the sauce and vietnamese immigrant who started the company, and that was something he repeated throughout the segment: didn’t see what all the fuss was about…

not sure if it was a new or old show, but that was pretty much his take: thought it was ‘ok’ sauce, but no big deal… kind of weird thing is, he made allowances for how much he admired the guy and his operation, and THAT was what made it a ‘great’ product for him…

frankly, while i certainly do admire the guy and what he has done, i have not had a chance to try the sauce yet (and not something i am generally into that much: a little hot sauce on a wing or shrimp, whatever, sure, but not an every meal thing for me; besides, i like some spicy thai and peanut sauces better); BUT, basing your ‘taste’ in that condiment on how it was made and the backstory, is kind of retarded: either you like the taste of the sauce and buy it because of that, or you don’t…

having said that, i am intending to buy a bottle because the guy seems like a quintessential American success story, BUT, if i don’t care for it, i won’t buy any more just because he is a ‘good guy’…

also, having seen the segment, i have some qualms with the fact that they are mono-culture farming of -i think it was- 2000 thousand acres devoted exclusively to peppers… i think we are fucking up big time with mono-cultures, and need to go back to interplanting on smaller scales, varied crop rotations, etc which provides the benefits of a diverse agricultural ecosystem, and sustains the land better than mono-cultural, force-fed fertilizers, endless dousing with herbicides/pesticides, BECAUSE YOU HAVE ELIMINATED all the beneficial microbes and bugs that could help us raise crops…
HOWEVER, that argument can be made for 90%+ of our agricultural products, because ‘that is they way it is done’ in a system dominated by Big Ag… not fair to pick on him for what is the prevailing practice…

David says:

Re: Re:

Same here. Like ketchup, I am not into this kind of “package your taste in a sugary goo”.

So I find it at best somewhat more appealing than ketchup. And ketchup is the bane of any cook with a tad of conscience.

At the same time ketchup is undeniably popular.

Basically, it would seem that the roosters are going for the “Heinz tomato ketchup” angle: sell in a hugely inflated cut-throat market at a larger margin than your fly-by-night competitors by banking on brand recognition. And if you are around for decades in a cut-throat market, you get time to improve your product and get the processes under control in order to deliver reliable quality from a changing availability and constitution of ingredients. “I remember this one, and it was pretty ok”.

Like you, I don’t consider the sauce amazing. It beats ketchup, but that’s a low bar to cross. But still a bar made of solid gold.

Dave Cortright says:

The Oatmeal has been pushing this stuff for years

Popular Internet comic The Oatmeal uses Sriracha as a recurring theme in his comics and quizzes. He even has a whole section of his web store devoted to Sriracha-themed wares, like “Hot Cock” boxers and lip balm.

I just picked up a bottle of Trader Joe’s branded Sriracha. We’ll see how it compares…

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