Access Copyright Claims Trademark On The Copyright Symbol

from the you-have-to-be-kidding-me dept

Okay. This is just insane. Via Howard Knopf, we learn that Canadian copyright licensing agency Access Copyright is claiming to hold the trademark on the classic copyright symbol: ©. You can see it in their new website:

While there are three TMs in the image, at least two of them (top logo and in the righthand column) appear to be on the copyright symbol itself. You can see one directly here:
Are they serious? I mean, I recognize that maximalists believe strongly in copyright, patents and trademarks together… but it still seems insane that a group like Access Copyright would make a totally ridiculous trademark claim on the © symbol.

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Comments on “Access Copyright Claims Trademark On The Copyright Symbol”

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Ben (profile) says:

Re: They must have watched the Daily Show and got the idea

On The Colbert Report last week he did a skit on the trademarking of “Seal Team Six” and then said he was going to trademark the TM (so the TM had a little TM subscripted). I don’t browse Comedy Central (which has it’s own copyright-looking symbol) to have a link to the right segment…

RD says:

The cows have come home to roost

Well, this can hardly be all that surprising. When you push and create “education campaigns” and try to brainwash everyone into believing that you can own ANY idea or expression, then blatant overreach like this is going to be a natural outcome.

It’s like when you are told “ignorance of the law is no excuse” over and over with a blunt hammer, but when a cop pulls a gun on a guy lawfully carrying a holstered gun where its allowed and has the proper permits for it, threatening to kill him if he doesnt comply with a raving lunatic who doesnt even KNOW its legal, you dont really have the credibility to turn around and say “ah, the cop didnt know the LAW, so he was just being careful. No big.” Sorry, it doesnt wash.

You cant have these things both ways, and you cant go around hammering “sharing is THEFT!” and “I OWN that idea!” and expect any less than massive and illegal overreach like we see here.

I cant wait for the RIAA or some other org to come after me for selling my own music that I own the copyright on. They dont represent me, I never gave them assignment to work on my behalf, they have no right. But watch, it will start happening soon. They will make a massive land-grab and try to get laws enacted that will make it de facto that if its music, they represent it, regardless.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

No, they’re not serious, if you look in the comments of that link, they called it a typo and they’ve removed it.

Sorry, but that’s just not believable. A typographical error would be like if they just hit the wrong key on the keyboard. It takes quite a bit more than that to do what they did. It looks more like it was intentional, they got caught, and now they’re trying to lie their way out.

The Groove Tiger (profile) says:

The ?? Logo is Trademark (TM?) 2011 Access Copyright. Trademark? Copyright of Access Copyright??. ?? Is a registered trademark of Copyright Access. Copyright? 2011 All Rights Reserved (TM). All Rights Reserved (TM) is a Trademark? of the Copyright Logo??, All Rights Reserved, 2011. The Copyright Logo???? Is a Copyrighted Trademark, 2011 All Rights reserved.

hmm (profile) says:


Patent 666
1. method and system for automatically having the patent/copyright/trademark on anything you want without doing a damn thing about creating anything or filing anything or any paperwork whatsoever, and automatically suing the living hell out of anyone/everyone including but not limited to real people, hallucinations and jerry the tap-dancing neon-green shark.

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