DailyDirt: Kids Do The Darndest Things

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Helium balloon rides to the edge of space seem to be getting more popular these days. Anyone can do it, so a bunch of kids are. It’s the new Mentos-and-Diet-Coke thing to do. Still, it’s fun, so here are few interesting “space” projects from kids.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Kids Do The Darndest Things”

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NotMyRealName (profile) says:

I truly don’t understand the reasoning behind these nasa projects. Lets put a bunch of crap in space and see if it lives/germinates/etc in zero-g. If zero-g is such a problem why don’t they just make ships that spin? It’s the old zero-g pen vs. just grab a pencil joke in a new form.
done and done, yet another problem costing us who knows how much solved by yours truly. 🙂 Maybe tomorrow I’ll come up with an overly simplistic but potentially workable solution to world hunger.

The balloon thing is pretty cool though.

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