Hitch Your Wagon

from the Intellectual-Pooperty dept

This is a metaphor.

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Comments on “Hitch Your Wagon”

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RD says:

They wont get it

A metaphor the mouth-breathing, head-in-the-sand “sharing is theft” shills will completely miss, of course. Expect lots of arguments about how the poop is like a car, and using it without paying for it is stealing, and therefore the current way must be preserved (or something like that….their circular, blind, strawmen arguments rarely have any logic or rationality behind them).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: They wont get it

I’ve never understood the need to analogize the simple concept that is the dissemination of culture. It’s not like a car or any other kind of vehicle. You do not need to simplify it any further. If you know how communication works then it stands to reason that you also know how culture works.

I mean, how did they do it back in the day? “Culture is like a pair of legs! If it were meant to be spread then why are legs so easy to break?”

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