Geohot Gives Remaining Legal Funds To EFF

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When George Hotz (Geohot) settled the lawsuit Sony had filed against him for jailbreaking the PS3 in order to restore a feature that Sony had taken away (despite advertising it), many were upset. Part of the reason people were upset was that he had asked for donations, and insisted that he would fight Sony until the end. Those people wanted to know what would happen to the money they donated. Geohot has now said he’s donating the remaining cash to the EFF, which hopefully will satisfy those who were upset over that aspect. As I said earlier, unless you’ve been subject to a lawsuit from a giant company, it’s tough to sit there and criticize a guy for settling, rather than fighting to the end. The legal system is set up such that it’s a stacked deck against the little guy, so as disappointing as it may be not to get a full ruling out of this, it’s hard to fault Geohot.

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Comments on “Geohot Gives Remaining Legal Funds To EFF”

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Will Sizemore (profile) says:

Me too. It doesn’t make sense to be a martyr here, as much as I was all for Sony losing.

That being said, I’m also a happy player of DCUO. Sony’s not all bad, but I’m upset enough about PS3 not supporting the Other OS that I won’t own one. I also won’t own another VAIO but that’s because I wasn’t happy with the one I owned and all its hardware issues. That being said, my uncle purchased the same model and my little brother used it until it was about 9 years old and that isn’t all that bad for an early P4 Desktop. (Totally useless, I know. Sorry.)

Hiiragi Kagami (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“No, when you beg for money from people swearing to keep fighting, it’s not too much to ask that you do what you say you will.”
Then perhaps those who were being begged upon should have taken the first step?

GeoHotz donated $10,000 to the EFF. Ten. Thousand.

If you think this is any amount of money to fight against a corporation like Sony, you are the fool.

GeoHotz didn’t even have enough funding to start the first round, let alone the battle.

By the way: how much did you contribute?

Michael (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“If the system its designed to smash the little guy, dont mess with the system!”

Geohot is one guy. I’m sure when this started, he felt he was in the right. Since he lives in the land of the free, he figured he could fight this – even if it was David vs. Goliath. So, he asked people to help – because he was, in some ways, fighting THEIR fight as well.

Sometime between then and now, he came to understand just how big of a mountain he was trying to climb, he looked at the step stool donated to him, and Sony offered to settle on terms he could live with.

There is fighting the good fight, and then there is bankrupting yourself in a matter of months in a losing battle.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

There’s also the problem that if his defense fails, then he’s the one in deep shit. The people who pitched in money are just out a couple bucks. He’d be the one facing jail time(?), fines, responsibility for all the legal fees, etc.

As far as I’m concerned, that takes way more balls than I would ever have. I can’t fault the guy at all.

Anonymous Coward says:

Perhaps people who ask for such donations should mention that any remaining money after the lawsuit will go to organization X ahead of time, so that there are no surprises at the end. They should also mention that they may end up settling the case and not fighting it sometime during the case. As long as none of the donated money can go to Sony during the settlement process (or if the defendant loses the case), I think most donators will be happy. Can the law demand that donated lawsuit money go to the plaintiff (ie: in the case of a settlement or after a losing judgement). I suppose in a settlement case, probably not, but what about a losing judgement? Can any remaining donated money to fight a lawsuit then be transferred over to the plaintiff?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

(or, rather, can the law demand such a transfer)?

So say I got $100,000 to fight a lawsuit. I fight it and lose with $5,000 left over. The judgement against me is for $300,000 but I can only afford to pay $50,000 out of my own money. Can the law demand that I now turn over the remaining $5,000 donated money over to the plaintiff, or can I legally give it to some charitable organization of my choice first and pay the remaining non-donated $50,000 that I do have while figuring out some potential payment plan for the rest (or declaring bankruptcy). How does the law work here?

Common Sense says:


What part of a donation do you people not understand? If you gave a donation, it’s with out stipulations or don’t donate. How many people have giving change to you’re local homeless person asking for money? When you give the cash do you put a stipulation not to buy beer? And if they do, what are you going to do about it? When you donate to the Red Cross 1 pint of blood, do you tell the Red Cross not to give your blood to a race that is not your race or have your religious beliefs? Have common sense and stop being stupid.

Benny6Toes (profile) says:

where's my refund, Sony?

I think it’s great that Hotz is donating the remaining funds to the EFF, but I’m still waiting for Sony to refund me some money for removing a feature that I paid for (with the expectation being that I would have access to it indefinitely).

It’s like a car dealer coming back to me three years after I bought my car, taking the spare tire back, and telling me that I can’t get another one.

hmm (profile) says:

the other thing is...

The information on how to basically eviscerate the PS3’s “security” system is now out on the internet and is unstoppable, unless Sony decides to sue pretty much half the planet……..

In effect Geohot got what he wanted because now dozens (if not HUNDREDS) of people can happily work on restoring other OS functionality and there is exactly zippo that Sony can do to stop it…….

Welcome to the Information Age Sony, you’re kinda late……

hmm (profile) says:


Sony exposed itself for 1) Having really feeble security measures that were basically security-by-obscurity….and 2) showed that it actually feels some sort of hatred/animosity to every single one of its customers and intends to “punish” them for trying to enjoy a previously-available feature.

Its like a father cooking his kids a healthy breakfast, then getting annoyed when they actually dare to ENJOY it instead of complaining about the muesli….

Yay! for George Hotz for helping to expose Sonys TRUE feelings toward the rest of humanity……

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