Judge Rejects RIAA's Attempt To Claim 'Trillions' In Damages From Limewire

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The judge in the Limewire case has rejected the record labels’ attempt to say that Limewire should pay statutory damages based on each time an unauthorized file was shared, instead pointing out that, at a maximum, each song is only subject to a single statutory damage amount, no matter how often it was shared. The judge pointed out that the labels were being ridiculous:

“Plaintiffs are suggesting an award that is more money than the entire music recording industry has made since Edison’s invention of the phonograph in 1877,” Wood wrote, citing a Lime Group court filing referring to the inventor Thomas Edison. She called this an “absurd result.”

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Comments on “Judge Rejects RIAA's Attempt To Claim 'Trillions' In Damages From Limewire”

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phil klisma says:


This mentality goes a long way toward discrediting any stance RIAA can take regarding file sharing. if you read deeply between the lines they seem to be interested in claiming revenues that would never have existed. I personally download a lot of things, and almost immediately delete them once i see they are TRASH! i save a lot of money this way. if something is really good i go and buy it BCZ the real item in your hand is better than a degraded low quality alternative file, especially if you are an audiophile/videophile.
file sharing is the biggest advertisement that ever existed and its not my fault if recording industries are producing and releasing really lame material, and people want to see the product and examine the quality before they spend money and are stuck with garbage.

Bloodyscot says:

When cassette and CD's wear out we should not have to repay for copyrights to replace them

When cassettes and CD’s wear out over time if we replace them we have to repay for the copyrights on the music for the same songs on the same media so if people download to remake the same cassettes or CD’s they already own would that not be legal under the fair use clause of the law?
The problem RIAA has is proving actual damages since some downloads could be legal or not have been a sale, which would be impossible to determine actual damages without a lot of guessing but by trying to use statutory damages allows them to get around that.

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