Russia Looking To Mimic China In 'Crowdsourcing' Internet Censorship

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A few years back, we noted that part of the way that China’s “Great Firewall” worked was by crowdsourcing censorship. Yes, China made it easy for Chinese internet surfers to spy on others and to also post pro-China propaganda on any forum where someone was negative. Part of the way this worked is that the government would pay people a tiny sum for each thing they did. Over time, the country has continued to expand the program. It sounds like China’s neighbors up in Russia thought that was such a brilliant idea that they’ve decided to copy it. Yes, Russia has apparently launched a “new initiative” to get volunteers to sign up for “The League of Internet Safety.” This is officially run by all of the big Russian telco firms and (not surprisingly) has extremely close ties to the government, including having Communications and Press Minister Igor Shchyogolev heading its “board of trustees.”

Just as in China, the claim is that these volunteers will just be trying to figure out what “bad stuff” to censor — starting with child pornography. Of course, that’s always a good one to start with. It’s when things go further that it gets questionable. And the organization has said that it intends to expand to the point of “policing other negative content.” That seems like a pretty broad definition and it’s not difficult to imagine how it will be abused to censor all sorts of content that is only “negative” to those in power.

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Comments on “Russia Looking To Mimic China In 'Crowdsourcing' Internet Censorship”

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BuzzCoastin (profile) says:

Russia's a liittle late to the game

WikiLeaks, need I say more? OK…

The US & it’s corporate owners already have a better system, yet it goes unnamed.

YouTube has algorithms that check for fair use content, which they immediately remove at the corporation’s request. YouTube has vigilantes that scour the Tube looking for anything they find offensive & YT will take it down.

Google reads your email & offers you ads based on the content. Do you really think they don’t make that info available to DHS or any other corporate power? The Patriot Act makes it legal.

The Land of the Free ain’t a whole lot freer than the boogie men in Russia & China.

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