Death Of ACTA

from the sing-along dept

As promised in our case study on Dan Bull, he’s now released his latest song, entitled Death of ACTA. Better yet, the video was filmed on an actual pirate ship:

And, of course, you can download and share the MP3 freely, and if you want his album you can download that too (or pay him for it, if you’d like). The full lyrics are reposted after the jump as well…


Only rapper to be called a thief without stealing
Download an MP3 for free, these people hit the ceiling
I'm just a citizen that's teaching you a lesson
for restricting my freedom of expression
How can ideas be possessions when they're freely replicable?
Hence unapplicable property laws are reprehensible
Didn't Jefferson express his opinion on the matter
when he said inventions shouldn't be given a patent
What happened to that thinking, we're stuck in a pattern
where the people with everything are keeping everything from us who haven't
We want it back, look, fed up of adverts, left and right
begging me to buy til there's nothing left of mine
to spend, never mind, who's next in line to testify
that we need laws like these to protect our rights?
Medicine has never been something I'd ever deprive
especially when a life depends on it to survive
Yeah, it takes an incredible effort to develop them right
but putting wealth over health, I said it's never been right

I'm just a citizen that's teaching you a lesson
for restricting my freedom of expression, and I reckon
if old blues themes hadn't been used by Led Zeppelin
we wouldn't ever have any heavy metal then
the history of music would have never even happened
and amusingly there wouldn't even be a Metallica
to tell us that we should hang on the gallows of law
so we wouldn't even need to have a Gallo Report
Oh and by the way the fricking Gallo's support
is made of signatures which have been apparently forged
This shit is sinister, and cannot be allowed to enforce
so tell your ministers and MEPs of how it's been brought about
Although you'll probably get a shallow retort
because the lobbyists have got a grip around all their balls
If I was boss, I'd tell them get the Hell out the door
because I've had enough of corrupt crooks ramming through laws

I'm just a citizen that's teaching you a lesson
for restricting my freedom of expression
Yes, and deep packet inspection? squeeze that up your rectum
If your postman did that to you you'd be having him sectioned
arrested for meddling in your private affairs
But it's only online, right? so why should we care?
Because digital rights should be applicable right
here in real life, and we're not criminals, right?
So this is just why we'll never give up the fight
to be considered innocent until we kick up and die
Giving internet providers responsibility
for the whims of their subscribers infringes privacy
Before the internet, media was a rarity
but how do you expect it to keep its value without scarcity
And that's what scares me, seeing their cons and schemes
to stop their creaking business model being obsolete
What a robbery they pull off so obviously
Don't give a fuck who it affects as long as it's not me
Well I'll keep making copies, see if they can stop me
They'll have to confiscate my PC and take it off me
See there's no problem with taking my property
for creating some lines of binary, blatant hypocrisy
Afraid to face the controversy relating to what we need
Making a profit off it or breaking monopolies

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Comments on “Death Of ACTA”

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Crosbie Fitch (profile) says:

How long must we sing this song?

Another song Dan Bull might consider there’s a necessity for, is a “Free Emmanuel Nimley!” song – he’s currently doing 6 months in prison for pointing his iPhone at a cinema screen.

It’s one thing to have your PC confiscated, or your cultural liberty constrained, but it’s far more serious to lose your liberty entirely. Ask Nelson Mandela.

R. Miles (profile) says:

A silver lining.

I’m glad TD posted the lyrics as I was pretty sure the word “ACTA” never appeared in the “rap”.

It was difficult listening to the phonetics, but the message was pretty good. I loved the Jefferson part, though I’m pretty confident it was Franklin, not Jefferson, who wanted to abstain from allowing copyright into the Constitution.

Limited time my ass. Oh, sorry. Tangent.

Good video, though I have to say the “Mixing is killing music” still remains the best.

Sadly, these attempts at educating people still won’t change a thing. Consumers rushing out to see the latest feature from Disney are indirectly funneling cash into the broken government responsible for introducing these idiotic laws.

No way in hell do people give up their little mermaids, teen idols, $10 mouse stickers, or toys coming to “life” even if it costs them their Constitutional rights.

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