Vote On Whether Or Not I Get To Speak At SXSW

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Well, it’s that time of year again, where SXSW gets everyone to vote on potential speakers/panels. This year, we submitted two proposals (one for interactive and one for music). I also know that a bunch of other folks kindly included me in their proposals to be on various panels and such (and others have told me that I’ll be included if they get in). So, it seems like there may be a variety of ways to have me appear at SXSW (or, of course, for those who think I should shut up — you know who you are — you’re free to vote me down as well).

First up, in the music part of SXSW, we proposed me doing an update on my Success Stories presentation, entitled The Secrets Of Success For An Internet-Age Musician.

Then, for the interactive part, we pitched a panel discussion about What Would Copyright Look Like If Created Today?, and proposed a variety of speakers for that panel who would present varying views on the topic. I actually think this could make for a really interesting discussion, so hopefully it gets approved.

Among other panels that people have told me I’ve been included in proposals for, there’s Martin Thörnkvist’s suggested panel for the music part creatively titled Love Has A Lot To Do With It, about how to “create sustainable careers for artists today.” There’s also Ross Pruden’s Profiting From Piracy: Selling Your Digital-Age Content, which is a part of the film part of SXSW. Also in film, VODO and Bittorrent have proposed a discussion on Can P2P Save Filmmaking, which they’ve asked me to participate in.

There are a ton of other great suggestions for panels and talks that are probably worth voting for as well. The EFF has their own list of their proposed talks, all of which look fantastic. Public Knowledge has proposed a Legal Workshop for Music Bloggers and a Howto: Connect with Fans Online, Reap the Benefits, which is based on a project I’m an advisor to.

Some other proposals that caught my eye (and, no I didn’t go through them all) as well. In film: How Interactive Screenings Will Save Cinema, Film Funding and Distribution: Past, Present and Future, Zero budget? Video projects using only open-source tools and Sell your Film for Free and Make Money. In music: Multiple Streams of Music Income, New Metrics for the Music Industry: Which Matter?, Why the Technology Industry No Longer Matters, FUTUREHIT.DNA – A Conversation With Jay Frank (which is a great book, by the way), The Collaboration of Artist & Fan: Music’s Evolution, Download Illegally, It’s The Right Thing To Do and Copyright Criminals. The Interactive session has so many proposals that I haven’t had a chance to look at yet, that I’m not even going to recommend any from there just yet, but feel free to point out any interesting ones you find in the full list in the comments here.

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Comments on “Vote On Whether Or Not I Get To Speak At SXSW”

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Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Check for a sale at Joseph A Bank first.

I’ll only vote for you if you promise to get a new sport coat. Brown is not your color.

If I go, I’m planning to only wear Techdirt t-shirts, since people keep saying the only business model I have to talk about is to sell “loooooots of t-shirts.” Wearing a sport coat would hide the merchandise. 🙂

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Check for a sale at Joseph A Bank first.

If I go, I’m planning to only wear Techdirt t-shirts, since people keep saying the only business model I have to talk about is to sell “loooooots of t-shirts.” Wearing a sport coat would hide the merchandise. 🙂

Now that is actually very funny. Skip the boxers though.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Why do idiots like you always count instant fame as being the only measure of success? There are literally thousands of musicians you have never heard of who make a comfortable living, while people you have heard of will be in debt for the rest of their lives thanks to label contracts. One of these situations is better than the other for most people…

Besides, like I always say – every artist you like was once an artist you never heard of. They’re not worthless because a moron who can’t be bothered to identify himself on the internet does not currently know who they are…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Artists

I went to a show a couple of weeks ago, and met a wonderful musician named D. Anson Brody.

He said on stage that he’s actually able to live his dream of becoming a full time musician. No day job, just tours and selling CD’s.

I’d never heard of the guy before, but was impressed with his music. I got a CD and even got to chat with him after the show. I explained Mikes formula (CwF+RtB) and he understood it. It was something he’d already been working on, but didn’t quite have perfected. Now obviously it’s easier said then done, but you have to give it to him and everyone else out there trying to make it on their own.
(Warning: site starts playing music when opened)

Check him out^^^

@Mike: Man, if you make it out to Austin, I’m going to have to try my hardest to go see you. Make time to come hang out with your readers!

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Hey Mike, how many artists have taken your Secrets Of Success For An Internet-Age Musician?

Taken? It’s not a class. However, we do get about an email every day from musicians who have viewed the video online who thank me for it and talk about how they’re putting it to use themselves… so, seems to be working.

Do you have any specifics that you believe are wrong or could be improved in the presentation? Always willing to hear constructive feedback.

iamtheky (profile) says:

Get your wristbands now and go stand in line and watch badge holders and VIPs fill the best shows to capacity…….then go see some crappy shows, because to see the blogger talk about all the business models the bands you dont get to see are using, you needed to buy a Badge ($475 for Film, $550 for Interactive, $750 for Music…..$1225 for all 3)

If you want to make sure you dont meet any locals go to SxSw

darryl says:

I vote 'no'

So I was wondering what you would call QUALIFICATIONS that you have to be on ANY PANEL ??

Have you ever worked in the entertainment industry, produced a song, or movie.

Have you even spend time with movie execs or industry leaders to find out their opinions.

You appear not to have a strong grasp of basic concepts related to finance, commerce and industry.

You appear to have quite weak knowledge of local and international laws regarding commerce, copyright, and IP issues.

You appear to have strong opinions, based on few facts and some obscure stories. (and lots of references back to your own stuff, which is usually lifted from elsewhere anyway).
I know ive looked, and anyone else can as well.

Just pick an article mike has with his links and follow the links, you’ll find most refer back to his own site, and then to some second source for the original information, like Glyn Moody, or boycott novel.

Where is all your original thinking Mike? how often (and its seems NOT OFTEN) do you do your own original research, or actually talk to the people directly involved.

All you (im sorry to say) seem to ever do is to troll other sites, dig dirt and cut-copy it here and add a few emotive comments and links to your own site to make it ‘official’.

I have to question why you cannot generate “ORIGINAL” and new content, instead of just taking everyhone elses work?

It appears that its very difficult for you to innovate, or create, not only song or movies, but articles, and content for this very site.

I read all your ‘articles’ then if I go to a site like “boycottnovel” now as you know “techrights”, I read all the same artices AGAIN, IN THE SAME ORDER usually.

What do you do,, Do you troll Glyn Moody, techrights and just ‘copy/paste’ what they said, or do they copy/paste what you say ?

Either way, how about some original ideas, concepts, and plans for a better future that you invision.

There are those that Do things and those that talk about what is done..

I do not see you as a “doer”.

I can see why you dont like copyright, as it appears the vast amount of what you do to make a living is
copy,,, right ?

Why dont you generate original content, why is it all you do is take others work, (I assume they agree), and drop in some of your own comments and post away..

Im sure its easier, but im equally sure it is not a good look for you. Its shows you lack depth.

Ie, you lack the ability to actually look at a big picture, and all you do is wait for other to make comments, and you just repost them here.

But if some think you are worthy of being on a panel so be it, I assume it would be a ‘friendly’ panel, and not include anyone hostile to your idea’s.

Just out of interest who else would be on these panels, and are they panels allready preaching to the converted.

Do you honestly think you have anything significant to bring to the debate ?
And if you do, why not make them known here, as opposed to just quoting a small group of others.

Why not defer the panel position to Glyn Moody for example, he appears to be the source of much of your ‘original’ content. Or Roy Swetowitz, but he has the same problem of lack of originality.

To vote for you I would have to eccept you have a policy, that I have yet to see, I see you refing to others plans and policies, and I see you bitterly complaining about people using the existing laws as they should.

But I see little from you that is constructive, and possibly effective.
Some wild talk about ‘infinite’ good, which has no bearing on supply and demand. As if just being infinite is going to make you want it !!

But when I see anything constructive from you, that intends to follow the rule of law, then I would happily suppot you.

Until then, my feelings are that you on panels would be counter productive.

Mabey someone actually involved in the industry’s in question, or someone who actually knows what they are talking about would be of higher value to a panel. Than you..

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