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Man Fined $400 For Impersonating A Moron

from the no,-seriously dept

Okay, here’s a quick one that I’m posting because it’s amusing. Apparently a guy in Canada has been fined $400 for telling the cops his name was Andrew Moron after he was caught drinking beer at a beach. What’s illegal about that? Well there’s a ban on alcohol at the location and, the guy’s name is actually Alan Henry, and so the police charged him with “impersonation to avoid arrest.” So, basically, he was charged with impersonating a moron. Of course, one might argue that it’s not impersonation if it’s true…

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Comments on “Man Fined $400 For Impersonating A Moron”

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Dark Helmet (profile) says:


“Apparently a guy in Canada has been fined $400 for telling the cops his name was Andrew Moron”

Did he actually say “Andrew”, or did he use what the police thought was his first initial, the way you have it in the title: A Moron.

Because I’m thinking this might all be a misunderstanding. Perhaps the mounties asked him to toss his can of Labatt Blue in the trash, he couldn’t quite hear them, and asked, “Eh, moron?”….

Chris-Mouse (profile) says:

"A. Moron" is someone's name

A quick search of the online phone book turns up an entry for ‘A. Moron’ living in a beach community about three hours drive away from where this incident occurred. Given some of the names I’ve seen over the years, I’d have to say that no matter how stupid a name may sound, there’s a good chance that someone, somewhere has that name.

darryl says:

Well someone is A Moron !!

cops cant even tell the difference between a taser and a hand gun… or they just dont care..

He would not have been charged for being a moron, he would have IF anything been charged for providing a false identity.

Im quite sure if your name was “A. Moron” you would not be arrested for having that name..

Or may be the cop was not too bright Eh,,

and when the guy was pulled over he said

“sorry officer, im a moron….. for speeding…..”

Police man,, “Derrrrrr ok, your name is A moron ?? “

Allen, NO, I said im A Moron “for” being pulled over…

So you ARE a moron,, ok,, can I see your license ? Mr Moron ?

LINDSAY Steel says:

Moron is a legit name!

FRENCH- ITALIAN-Moron is a legit name ….Just because names interwoven in our society for we have a lack of imagaination .. The Name Moron is a nickname type surname derived from the Old French word for ” More” meaning ” Dark Skinned” which in turn derives from the Phoenician.. ” Mauharim” meaning ” eastern” This name was applied to the Moors and people with dark complexions. Surnames evolved during the middle Ages when people began to assume an extra name to avoid confusion and to futher identify themselves. Surnames derived from nicknames wer quite common; they reflected physical characteristics or other attributes of the first person. The Moors followed the decline of the Roman Empire, in the 5th century AD, The Visgoths came to control the peninsula. Part of the Visgothic legacy to Spanish Civilzation. Ever sang the song ‘ And they made you change your name?” You never knew who to turn too? Marlyn Monroe.. Whenyou got off the boat from Ellie Island you name was butchered ..so maybe you too are a Moron? Senfield had a skit on this remember the bubble boy? and Dr ‘s must have coined the name .. Moron to undermine this family heritage? for it is now assiocated with an imbecille ..opps can’t spell sowwy.

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