Newspaper Has 'Stories Worth Sharing'…. Hidden Behind The Paywall

from the can't-share-'em dept

Reader Dementia points out this amusing example of newspapers and their paywalls, combined with the newspapers clearly not even realizing what their stories and headlines say. In this example, it’s the Leader Telegram newspaper in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, which has an article entitled Bronze Star stories worth sharing. Sounds great, right? Only problem? If you open up the article, you get two paragraphs deep before you’re hit with a paywall. So, apparently, the stories are only worth sharing if you pay, and then the people you share them with will have to pay as well. That seems rather obnoxious, doesn’t it? “Hey, why don’t you share these stories and make your friends and family pay to read them?” Generally speaking, if you’re suggesting people “share” your stories, how about you make them shareable?

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Comments on “Newspaper Has 'Stories Worth Sharing'…. Hidden Behind The Paywall”

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mrtraver (profile) says:

mine too

The newspaper in the nearest town bigger than my burg of 4000 has a partial paywall, but they at least don’t encourage you to share the stories. You can read a few paragraphs, then hit the paywall (free for print subscribers) to read more. Being such a small market it is sometimes difficult to find local news from other sources, but the comments are open to all and usually I can get the rest of the story from them.

Anonymous Coward says:

actually, it would appear to be great marketing, offering just enough of the story to show that the content is interesting, and then offering up the service.

mike, your hatred of subscription services is such that you are blind to business models and marketing. too bad, it is a pretty big blind spot. speaking of which, when you signed up for netflix, was it a friend who recommended it? did you go check out the website and then join? was that not information worth sharing?

so much hating, you can see what is right in front of you.

Richard (profile) says:

Re: Re:

actually, it would appear to be great marketing, offering just enough of the story to show that the content is interesting, and then offering up the service.

A great strategy to get people really angry with you. You couldn’t find a better way to wind people up if you tried.

Like a prostitute turning up to a party, flirting with you and then revealing her true colours just as you thought you were getting somewhere.

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