Kulula Responds To FIFA Legal Threats With Hilarious Clarifying Ad

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In response to our post about FIFA threatening Kulula airlines in South Africa over its advertisment jokingly declaring itself the “unofficial national carrier of the ‘you-know-what’,” JJ sends over the news that Kulula has put together a new ad that looks similar to the old ad, but which changes the text to the even more ambiguous: “Not Next Year, Not Last Year, But Somewhere in Between” to avoid saying the dreaded “2010.” The artwork in the ad is similar to the original, but clarifies that each thing that you might interpret as being about the World Cup is actually about something else. For example, the vuvuzelas (horns) are “definitely, definitely golf tees” and the guy who looks like he might be playing football is actually just a “man putting his right foot in, his right foot out and shaking it all about.” Small versions are below, but be sure to click through for the larger versions:

Original ad

Latest ad

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Comments on “Kulula Responds To FIFA Legal Threats With Hilarious Clarifying Ad”

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Dark Helmet (profile) says:


You know, you just have to love a business that doesn’t take itself or the bristling blowhards of the world to seriously. Honestly, why can’t more company execs and corporate marketing departments figure out how endearing this type of behavior is?

In fact, I happen to believe that part of the reason that the American public views the alcohol producers so differently than the cigerette producers is this type of behavior. Half the commercials and marketing efforts make fun of either the product, how it’s viewed, or even their own customers….and we LOVE them for it!

REM(RND) (profile) says:

I have a dream...

Of a world where FIFA continuously sues Kulula until they can but put a single word on a poster, but everyone will know. Then they won’t be allowed to use words and will insert a single picture, but everyone will know. Then they won’t be allowed to use pictures and will use a blank space, but everyone will know. Then some judge will actually look at what’s going on, say “What the f…!?!”, and begin the campaign for putting a stop to this bullshtick.

Anonymous Coward says:

FIFA to go even farther

FIFA to sue the estates of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson to prevent use of FI FIE FOE FUM in the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, also they object to use of gold egg laying goose which they have patented.

In a relates suit the NFL going after the use of a Giant in an attempt to protect their trademark. They are also considering suing God for his use of giants in the bible.

Jacob Zuma says:

FIFA Needs to Cahnge Focus

Hang on a sec, I think FIFA is just trying to stop them from claiming that they are the “World’s Cup official airline” … which Kulula isn’t.

Still, the whole thing is silly and the ad is funny.

Too bad FIFA couldn’t focus their attention to the complaining, whining, unethical Italian team, then we would have real progress. 2010 … ABI.

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