Dan Bull Recaps How Home Taping Killed Music With His Latest Song

from the sing-along-everyone dept

Dan Bull, who wrote, recorded and made videos for his brilliant open letters to both Lily Allen and Peter Mandelson, was asked by UK ISP TalkTalk if he would be interested in creating a new song concerning the Digital Economy Bill. In response, Bull created this lovely song reminding us all about the old home taping is killing music argument:

Make sure your sarcasm meter is properly tuned before watching… Best lines? “Home sewing’s killing fashion, Home cooking’s killing fast food, Home sleeping’s killing hotels.” Enjoy.

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Comments on “Dan Bull Recaps How Home Taping Killed Music With His Latest Song”

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Anonymous Coward says:

It’s funny to see the Kings of the Wild Frontier-vintage Adam Ant character in there. When this campaign was being pushed in the UK, Malcolm McLaren used his ex-Ants group BowWowWow to counter it with C30, C60, C90, Go! The song was an in-your-face assault on the music oligopoly, to wit:

“It used to break my heart when I went in your shop
And you said my records were out of stock
So I don’t buy records in your shop
Now I tape them all ’cause I’m Top of the Pops!”

Paddy Duke (profile) says:

Very funny, but not quite right.

I appreciate that this is a novelty song, and very tongue in cheek, but it’s important to remember that these comparisons are not viable arguments in the piracy debate.

While it certainly never harmed the music industry (quite the opposite, in fact), home taping (i.e. piracy) is not analogous to home cooking or home sewing. Those activities have more in common with forming a band, than taping tunes off the radio. When you cook, you’re not making infinite free copies of something someone else has already produced. You’re making your own version that costs you effort and money.

Still, kudos to Dan and TalkTalk for making noise about all this.

Derek Kerton (profile) says:

Re: Very funny, but not quite right.


Did I invent Beef Stroganoff? Nope. When I cook it, I am copying somebody else’s recipe creation in my home for the consumption of me and a few close kin…but I am not diminishing the recipe “inventor” the ability to also cook their own Stroganoff and sell it at market. Yep, I AM making infinite free copies of a recipe someone else has already produced.

To me, that sounds a lot like home taping. In both, I am “making [my] own version that costs [me] effort and money.”

Josef Anvil (profile) says:

Re: Didn't quite get it

His analogies may be wrong, but you are missing the whole point of the song. The music industry whined and moaned that cassettes and home taping would kill music. They are making fun of that prediction 25+ years later. Just like the VCR would destroy the movie industry.

As I remember it the VCR created the Movie rental market, and cassettes just forced me to re-purchase music I had paid for but in a different format.

The point of the song is to remind us that home taping didn’t kill music and neither will file sharing kill music. The industry just needs to adapt, although this time it may not be as easy as in the past; but that’s just the nature of technological advancement.

Derek Kerton (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Are you trying to refute yourself?!

It is generally accepted that the incumbent has the (unfair) advantage.

If fashion came after home sewing, then what you are saying is that a market-driven commercial industry can form EVEN AFTER a long-standing cottage market exists.

Thus, surely an entrenched commercial industry can survive a nascent cottage industry.

Bottom line here, 25 years later, is that none of these killed the other. They all grew.

@paddy duke says:


haha try and use your lawyer speak powers on me did ya
haha i you alien garbage have lawyerspeak resistance at level 20
YOU now may TAM away no one here is listening to you

here people laughing…bet you think its at you

and the only thing that harmed the music industry was allowing 4-5 big labels to horde all the rights and get stupid on the rest of the world by way of terrorising young kids with lawsuits


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