Lindsay Lohan Sues E*Trade For $100 Million; Says Baby Was Based On Her

from the well,-who's-a-baby-now dept

If you thought the guy suing because he thought Hurt Locker was based on his life story (but also made him look bad) was going too far, here’s an even more ridiculous lawsuit. Dave Barnes was the first of a few of you to alert us to the news that actress Lindsay Lohan is suing E*Trade for $100 million, claiming that one of the babies used in its famous “talking babies” commercials was based on her. The baby — which was named Lindsay — is shown as being a “boyfriend-stealing, milkaholic” baby. And, for that, Lindsay say she deserves $100 million in “pain and suffering.” I’m trying to decide which makes someone seem more like a baby: a commercial with a silly “milkaholic” baby, or a humorless multi-millionaire starlet suing a financial firm for $100 million over a silly commercial that has talking babies, because she can’t take a joke.

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Comments on “Lindsay Lohan Sues E*Trade For $100 Million; Says Baby Was Based On Her”

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Avatar28 (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Are we sure she might not be a GIRLfriend-stealing milkaholic? Just sayin’ she’s apparently shown some tendencies like that before apparently.

But, yeah, saying that the baby is based on her is tantamount to admitting to that. I wonder if she is willing to go to court and testify under oath that that baby is like her. I’m PRETTY certain that a single name isn’t enough to establish a factual basis under the law. Otherwise you would never a see a John, Tom, Robert or other similarly common names.

Catherine jennifer fusco (profile) says:

Re: I would say that Lindsay would have a case

davebarnes..this is a contradiction,first you saiud you doubt Linsay is a humorless multi-millionaire starlet.”then” you say..Many people think that she is close to being broke? “I DOUBT” she’s anything but a spoiled[understatement] brat,devoid of morality,intellect,boring,uncultured,cluttered,lazy,plus the fact that a simple detox of pills& Booze,entitled her to a posh retreat at $1000$ daily[=30Grand/month]to canoe,pedi-CURES,maniCures,hair,etc..I wish “I” could detox surrounded by the finer things {I’m accustomed to also],but my addiction is a tad more painfull,I deserve to have the quality of “my” life returned in such a way!Sheen also needed a 60’s style kick-ib-the-ass..Lindsay “just wants!,what heve the both of them done for humanity lately? She does nothing to help save the wolves,nor participate in the seal slaughtering,or any other cause..Her mother[role reversal.likened to this generation] is also never geard from,she’s not a good mother,just a rich one,so her “[non] work is done,as mommy has never struggled a day in her life..wasn’t raised w/ traditional values,nor books,nor culture!A beautiful girl like Brittany Murphy dies a senseless death,while Lohan has too much time watching tv,thinking she’s entitled to the slightest inuendo,depicting her classless persona!Multi-millioaire?What,the royalties?Certainly,not working nor looking for any parts! She& whatever lawer she has,no doubt a servant for her whimsical idea’s- that all eyes are on her]must be passifying her..When was the last time she was to a cause? Speaking out?You said you Doubted she is humorless,but left us there,if she not humorless,why isn’t she laughing,where is her mother? Perhaps her father does have some legitimate reasons while Lohan claims my father tries to make $$$ from my name..what “name” would that be…skinny tramp who wraps up a $300 thousand car,[where if it were us,our hearts would be beating out of our chest!][to have an accident with our less costly car!]Brittany Spears is another dud who was raised like a can’t take the slob out of the girl,nor can she attain anything anything “stellar”,she’s waste,who will loose this “indulgent lawsuit”& the crook who will try to persue it!

Anony1 says:

First, I think the commercial in question is in extremely poor taste. Tactless, and not that funny. At all. Second, when I saw said commercial, I never, for a split second, associated the baby with Ms. Lohan. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s established that it was meant to represent her. She may have seen a connection, due to her well pulicized substance-abuse issues, but I didn’t at the time. Didn’t even remember the baby’s name. So even if it were based on her, she’s well..plumb loco.

btr1701 (profile) says:


> because she can’t take a joke

Which assumes the ad was about her in the first place. There’s no evidence of that whatsoever. Hell, given that the name was only spoken on screen, there’s no way Lohan can even know it’s “Lindsay” and not “Lindsey” or “Lindsy”. E-Trade also said in its response that Lindsay was the name of someone on their creative team, which was why it was chosen. They wouldn’t make such an easily disprovable claim if it wasn’t true, which puts an even higher legal hurdle in front of Lohan.

And in any event, even if the baby *was* based on Lohan, parody of public figures is protected speech and a well-established exception to intellectual property restrictions and the fact that the person doing the parodying is making a profit at the same time is irrelevant.

Seems like this is just a ploy by a trainwreck of a B-list starlet who did such a thorough job of wrecking her once-promising career that she’s been reduced to filing bogus lawsuits for publicity.

Charlie Potatoes (profile) says:

The beat goes on...

Years ago the cartoonist Al Capp (Lil Abner) introduced a new character, a folk singer, who rode around in a limo to sing about poverty and hunger. He named her Joanie Phony. Joan Baez, in righteous indignation, sued him. I recall that he apologized on the Johnny Carson show, saying he was indeed sorry that Miss Baez believed she might be Joanie Phony. She looked like an idiot.

Anonymous Coward says:


Indeed, a lot of people were talking about it on Twitter in the aftermath of the spot’s airing — with many egging Ms. Lohan on to file a lawsuit against E-Trade. Wrote someone named Ryan Curtis: “@lindsaylohan I would sue if I was you,” and later saying “@lindsaylohan I really think you should look into it. It wasn’t funny and rude.”

B's Opinion Only (profile) says:

Ha ha, awesome! I worked on that commercial!

I can assure you that Lindsay Lohan was not on our minds while shooting. We were mostly concerned with which talent would sit still under the lights without screaming and give us something that we could use between crying fits (which is probably a lot like working with Ms. Lohan, come to think of it.)

Thank jebus I am low enough on the call sheet to not have to worry about milkoholics filing lawsuits.

Sandra says:


I think Lindsay Lohan needs to get a life and get a grip!! Just like everyone else, I had not one time thought about the E*Trade Lindsay baby being based on Lidsay Lohan when I saw that commercial. Not until this lawsuit. I really like that commercial and all of the E*Trade baby commercials and I hope that the Judge throws Lindsay Lohan out of his court room!

davebarnes (profile) says:

It gets better

“I’m just basically glad I took a stand. I’m not going to let them do this to us anymore,” Dina Lohan said of the “horrible” and “mean” ad.

She said that the ad was clearly aimed at her daughter because unlike other stars, her daughter’s first name is synonymous with the “Herbie Fully Loaded” actress.

“Everyone knows Lindsay, like Cher or Madonna,” Dina Lohan said.

Read more:

Anonymous Coward says:

Ovadia didn’t return a phone call and e-mail asking how she got involved in the case and whether she’d ever spoken to Lindsay Lohan about it. And we don’t really know where to go to ask someone from Lindsay’s side about it, considering the fact that her long-time publicist is on a “hiatus.” Her mother Dina Lohan told the New York Post today that Lindsay was outraged by the ad, adding, in a telling use of the first person, “I’m just basically glad I took a stand.” And to to complete the circle, Radar Online quoted Michael Lohan just two days ago saying that he and his ex-wife had reconnected and were “crying to each other” on the phone after he took a heart-related trip to the hospital.

A cynic might suspect that Lindsay’s money-grubbing parents recently started talking again and hatched a plan to attach their daughter’s name to a bullshit lawsuit filed by a provincial lawyer that one of them knows. But we can’t imagine what sort of parents would treat their daughter that way.

StarNoStar says:

What A Waste...

What a joke!

She needs to grow up and realize that the world does not revolve around her. Now how much money is the court system gonna waste on a case like this, millions? Where could that money be better spent? Maybe trying legit cases (not PR stunts), or maybe put it toward the national debt, maybe invest it in drug recovery programs, i could think of a million way to better our society with the cash spent on this case.

Does anyone here realize that you guys are paying for this court case with your tax dollars? Yup, she figured out a way to make YOU pay for the brunt of her PR stunt.

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