ReverbNation Adds Some RtB To Its CwF Platform

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It’s been neat to watch more and more companies step up to better enable the types of business models that are working these days. The latest is ReverbNation — a company that’s really focused on the Connect with Fans (CwF) side of the business for a while — by building what it called a “fan relationship management” system. Basically, it was a more sophisticated email list manager, but with some special features and widgets for bands. The company has been adding a lot of features lately, and now it’s announced a deal to make it even easier for a band to sell merch via ReverbNation. Contrary to what the article claims, I don’t believe that just selling merch is necessarily a great business model on its own (access, attention and some other things tend to have more potential), but it is certainly a good supplementary part of many CwF+RtB type business models these days. So anything that makes it easier for artists seems like a good thing. Obviously, there are other ways that bands could already do similar things, but the integration directly into ReverbNation’s platform is definitely a nice thing.

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Comments on “ReverbNation Adds Some RtB To Its CwF Platform”

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yogi says:

Re: Re:

Nice link.

I just still don’t understand why we have to care that the labels are going under because of a change in technology? Why do governments have to bail them out like this?

It’s crazy. Using taxes to pay for music still means that the consumers are paying full price (at least – who knows how much money the government will grant the labels) it’s just split in half. What, the government thinks that people don’t know that their taxes are funding these subsidies?

The French can’t be that stupid. Right? Right??

:) says:

Others sources.

People on video are doing much more from the ameteur Spellfury (CC Commons and is like “Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire”) to some pro-like things like Cabonauts that have one very known person on the cast and are going for the fan thing with both feet and no para-shoots.

Others are:

The Guild (That recently got financing from Microsoft, is this the beginnings of Microsoft Studios?). Copyrighted don’t get excited about it. The interesting thing is that others from other shows make some appearances maybe they want to get some of that internet pie too.

Happy Tree Friends (Copyrighted and brutal, it is a successful cartoon where everyone dies a horrible death. Started on the internet and is shown all over the world if wiki is correct)

Riese (An internet webseries that got a TV contract recently and was taken of the internet) (A copyrighted show teaching others how to produce films, very nice but the interesting part is that they all in revision3 actively patrol their forums and in some shows they actually tell people where they are going to be so people can meet them and help with the show like in hack5 the guy is now in london meeting people and asking for a couch 🙂 or scamschool where the guy ask his viewers to be subjects in his show)

The Crew (copyrighted webseries that started with bad greenscreen effects that got better with time, they actually don’t do much but have moved to babelgum an italian start up owned by a billionare that is paying part of the advertisement they get, but after googles judgement I don’t think they can still be on italian soil anymore)

The Black Dawn (Copyrighted webseries that got a TV contract and will be transformed into a movie and comics, by a group that started others webseries and all of those are cheesy but a little fun like the Cataclysmo that have some funny monkeys using banana laser rifles LoL) I have no idea how they got exposure but it seems a successful one and I’m intrigued by it and there may be lessons to be learned.

The Gloomers (Copyrighted cartoon that appears to be doing fine and do have forums, contests and a lot of stuff in there)

A-Z of Bushcraft & Survival skills
(CC Commons, where the guy interacts with the public)

MeetTheGimp (CC Commons show where a german biology teacher teaches others how to use the Gimp and he interacts with people through the forums he even manage to pay all his cost for production that was not much with donations, if you see what he does you will understand how he got the money, he answers questions in the forums and uses questions to make the shows)

I used Miro to find all that stuff and later did some fact finding about those webseries, and one thing that strikes me is that some people are using the web as a trampoline to others things, some are using it to make money and I find more people in video being successful then in the music area, maybe that is a sign that some artists aren’t prepared for something new they got scared and are now paralyzed while others are embracing the new medium and making something out off of it.

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