Mandelson Gets To Choose How Long Your 'Temporary' Suspension Would Be

from the forever-minus-a-day? dept

Remember how the UK was just playing a word game by claiming that it wouldn’t disconnect users from the internet via Peter Mandelson’s Digital Economy Bill? That was quickly debunked, as people realized that the gov’t was simply changing how it described the disconnection, calling it a “temporary account suspension” instead. Of course, that’s still a disconnect. Another unresolved question, however, was how long is temporary? Turns out the answer is however long Peter Mandelson thinks is appropriate.

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Comments on “Mandelson Gets To Choose How Long Your 'Temporary' Suspension Would Be”

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Chargone (profile) says:

Re: Only Hope

I’ll admit to not exactly being familiar with British politics, but…

If it’s anything like New Zealand or the USA seem to be, the worse an idea is without causing active riots in the streets and assassination attempts against it’s proponents, the more likely it is that a change in governments which still leaves one of the ‘big two’ parties in power will not get rid of it.

in other words ‘i wouldn’t bet anything i couldn’t afford to lose on it getting tossed even if it’s current proponents loose’

Richard (profile) says:

Re: Only Hope

Our only hope is the EVIL Madelson is delayed and distracted from pushing this ridiculous legislation though until after the election. Which we hope Labour looses and the Cons dont pick this up.

Unfortunately the evidence suggests that they will – our only hope is a hung parliament so the politicians don’t have time to do this kind of stuff.

V says:

Yet another reason to leave, to seek freedom elsewhere… however the options on where to go are narrowing daily.

Australia, hardly. America, I don’t think so. Europe, even worse. New Zealand, nope…

Just how long before people realise that, even online, there is nowhere left to run, and turn against this impecunious imposition and impediment to our freedom of speech ?

Perhaps instead we should ask ourselves…when did the politicians become the enemy, and what shall we do about it?

NullOp says:


Like I’ve said so many times, the government is NOT your friend in any way, shape or form! Even here in the U.S. they are more the enemy than they ever have been. Big Business has essentially convinced Congress they exist to help them fleece the general public. Remember, profit is not enough, only OBSCENE profit will do! Its time for a change and if we, as a people, can ever grow-a-pair maybe it will happen. And Obama damn sure ain’t the answer!

Freedom says:

Fear... (from on your knees department)

Government is supposed to be our servant.

If we fear the Government instead of the Government fearing us, than one has to ask who is the servant?

What have you done today to promote your views?

The Pro Copyright Camp is slowly winning battles. They realize that there is a tipping point and that you can be controlled if they can just win over enough ISPs to play ball (willingly or via legal means).


Logan2057 (profile) says:

Mandelson Gets To Choose How Long Your "Temporary" Suspension Will Be

Hi, Gang;
Just came from another website and it seems Mandy isn’t gonna get his way as Lord High Enforcer for the Kartels.
“Apparently Conservative and Liberal Democrat lords will unite to vote down Clause 17 of the Digital Economy Bill, which has been criticised by internet giants such as Google and Yahoo!, when the Bill is put to vote in its report stage.

The music and film industries will be dismayed by the two parties’ refusal to sanction the clause, which would have allowed Lord Mandelson to fast-track legislation to combat websites that host pirated content.”
So it looks like wiser heads have prevailed after all.

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