South Butt Responds To North Face As Only It Could

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You gotta love snarky legal filings. We’ve already covered the ongoing saga between the clothing company behind The North Face and a teenager who started a parody line of clothing called The South Butt (short version, TNF got mad and despite lots of public outcry in favor of TSB, TNF’s parent company sued). You already knew that the folks behind The South Butt wouldn’t necessarily respond in a conventional manner. They had already set up a Facebook app to see if people could tell the difference between a face and a butt.

But reader Dez points us to the news that the South Butt folks have filed their response and it’s well worth reading in its entirety:

The response is definitely snarky in tone. It talks up the “cherubic” teenager “Jimmy” behind the site (and includes a photo of him for good measure) who it compares to Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman mixed with “Skippy the Punk” and notes that despite being 19-years-old, he “looks 14” and “acts 12.” It mocks the claim of “piracy” wondering what parody clothing has to do with “high crime on the high seas, perhaps the South Seas, as contrasted with its oft explored polar opposite.” It goes on to deny or affirm the various claims made against The South Butt, and does so mockingly at times. But my favorite may be:

The “half ass” design portion of The South Butt logo is comprised of two stripes curved in a butt-like fashion upward from the left side of the “The South Butt” text, while the “half dome” design mark of the North Face is comprised of three thinner lines curved downward from the right side of the text “The North Face.”

I’m not sure how the judge will take the filing, but it’s definitely amusing. Either way, it still amazes me that The North Face thought that filing this lawsuit made any sense at all. Someone got bad advice.

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Comments on “South Butt Responds To North Face As Only It Could”

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Paul Stout (profile) says:

What's the world coming to?

My God, lawyers with a sense of humor, and not afraid to show it!!! Will wonders never cease!!

Seriously though, the commenter above who mentioned that ‘a judge with a sense of humor’ will certainly help is probably right, although one thing the civil court system really needs is more briefs like this one.

Personally, if I lived in Missouri, I’d write down the address of that kids legal team and run, not walk, to them if I ever needed legal advice or services. They’re my kind of people and, as lawyers go, probably rarer than living dinosaurs…

Dave says:

truly excellent

Wow, that’s the best legal filing ever. The picture of “Cherubic Jimmy” is a brilliant touch! If they get a humorless jerk judge, that could backfire.

I remember long ago when a group spliced the Gilligan’s Island theme lyrics into Stairway to Heaven’s music, and gave it a reggae feel, producing a work of sheer excellence.

Zeppelin sued, of course. Years later, I heard Robert Plant being interviewed. They asked him about Zeppelin parodies, and he reeled off several with glee, including that one and Hairway to Steven. So contrary to what I had thought, he does have a sense of humor. Having said that, I imagine that when his legal team sues and he makes money therefrom, he just probably shrugs and enjoys the cash.

robert says:

north face vs south butt

I always knew that there was something about north face that I did not like! Now I (after reading south butts reply to the lawsuit by north face) know what that something is; that they are obviously greedy, do not believe in the american way (that being capitalism and free speech), entreprenuership (sp), and have absoulutely NO SENSE OF HUMOR!… SOUTH BUTT I salute you and encourage you too keep up the good fight for all freedom loving americans, I bet that north face contributed to the obama campaign and still too this day believe he is the saviour. north face=====what a bunch of idiots and scardy cats, wussies etc etc etc blah blah blah and yada yada yada.

Chas McLane says:

Norh Face self-destructive behavior

I’ve always respected North Face gear. Years ago I was caught in a downpour in a North Face VE-23 tent – we were literally floating on the water under the tent but remained dry. At the time, I told my wife “If Ted Kennedy had had this tent he would be President now”. Nonetheless I will never again buy North Face gear. How much longer will CEOs allow lawyers to try to pump up their own importance/fees with this sort of corporate suicide?

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