Judge Not Amused By South Butt's Amusing Legal Filing

from the not-a-judge-of-humor,-apparently dept

When we recently wrote about South Butt’s response to the lawsuit from The North Face, I wondered how the judge would take it. While that post got a ton of traffic, and we heard from lots of people — including many lawyers — claiming that it was one of the “best” legal filings they had ever seen, you could see how a judge might be offended and think that it somehow mocked the judicial process. Indeed, while the judge doesn’t appear pissed off about it, he also was not that pleased. Eric Goldman points us to the judge’s refusal to dismiss the complaint, which also warns the lawyer to knock off the frivolity:

I remind counsel of their obligations under Rule 11 and that, with each filing, they certify to the Court that the motion is not being presented to harass, cause unnecessary delay or needlessly increase the cost of litigation and that the legal contentions are warranted by existing law or nonfrivolous arguments for extending, modifying, or reversing existing law or for establishing new law. Although this filing may not reach the level of frivolity, it approaches the line.

Too bad. The judicial system would be a lot more interesting if lawyers felt free to respond as The South Butt’s lawyer did originally.

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Comments on “Judge Not Amused By South Butt's Amusing Legal Filing”

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Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: you missed the best part

“Or both!
(and he’s got no sense of humor about it…)”

Well, perhaps he does indeed have a sense of humor, but we’re misinterpreting him. If he’s indeed a butthead or an assface, perhaps what he’s saying is mere flatulance and his gas is laughter….

Did I….Yeah, I just blew your mind/sphincter….

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: you missed the best part

“I do not find it to be implausible that the marks cannot cause a likelihood of confusion or dilution”

Wait. So the judge finds the claim that “the marks cannot cause a likelihood of confusion or dilution” to be plausible? Isn’t that claim the basis of South Butts motion for dismissal? So why didn’t the judge grant the dismissal? That doesn’t make any sense.

The Monerable Mector The Mangman says:


When I read about a Judge that can not tell the difference between a butt and a face the first thought that came to mind was a scene from the movie Idiocracy that goes something like this:

Now…I’m fixin to commensurate this trial here
We gonna see, if we can’t come up with a verdict up in here
Now didn’t yall say, you ain’t got no money?
We have propritearily obtained, one of them court appointed lawyers
So put your hands together and give it up for, Rico Bandeho!

Later on the Narrator speaks:
Joe stated his case logically and passionately
But his perceived effeminate voice only only threw big gails of stupid laughter
Without adequate legal representation Joe was given a stiff sentence.

Burton says:

Y'all don't speak Judge

lawless et at.

The sentence “I do not find it to be implausible that the marks cannot cause a likelihood of confusion or dilution” seems to be a carefully chosen construction, rather than a double/triple negative.

He’s saying that he doesn’t dismiss the defendant’s argument out of hand, but he says it in a way designed not to betray his thoughts on any other matter.

ragman says:

the other branch

we know our gov’t is broken based on 86% of the people who own it saying so. and then 81% say they believe it can be fixed.
Thats the executive branch.
now what about the judicial branch??
Are we to believe that the adults no matter their age in both companies are acting like Congress, refusing to work together to figure this out.
Do both sides know their butt from a hole in the ground??
On a more serious note one cannot work with out the other.

So why not move on as the Judge is suggesting and get the two parts working before the Judge has to do some required surgery>>
Most folks know the best deal is the one you work OUTSIDE OF COURT.

As far as branches goes when are both sides going to see the forest from the trees??

Now corporate America is playing in Judicial places not just Executive halls of Congress.
Maybe some time behind bars might bring them ALL to the table of common sense and respect for what millions do every day to make a living. get along… bars go up and bars go down depending on which way you look and from what level of ground you are on..

the trash talk in this site is not what clothing is all about. it is rich in innovation, dreams and hundreds of years of hard work.

ragman says:

when are the facts going to come out?

the so called “iconic” denali is on sale in nordstrom rack under a brand name for 39.99 making the south butt look a like almost twice the price at $59.99
the $27.99 south butt sweatshirts are found all over the malls at $19.99

looks like the south butt lawyers and south butt are making a ton of money
selling on the internet instead of retail stores in malls like others do. leaving out thousands of college kids part time jobs at retailers.

the kids buying the south butt are supporting a for profit parody that makes far more per garment than most others selling similar clothing including the north face and their over one thousand workers.. only numbers of units sold separates south butt from north face and many others. it looks like the profit margins of south butt will make tons more money very quickly.
asking the question does anyone at south but know what kind of cheap labor is making their clothing ie child sweatshops??
are the fabrics really the same quality as the north face?

lets let the real folks who know be the judge ask south butt two questions. why are your prices so much higher than most mall clothing that looks the same?
where are the garments sewn and how do you check the labor practices at those factories?

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