Imprisoned Terrorist, Carlos The Jackal, Claims Intellectual Property Over Documentary About His Life

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In the past, we’ve seen various attempts by people to claim they had some sort of intellectual property right over a TV show or movie about them, but those claims rarely get very far. We’ve also seen people in prison with too much time on their hands suddenly claim IP rights over their name or likeness. Now, it appears that convicted terrorist Carlos the Jackal (Ilich Ram&#237rez Sanchez) has decided that his life is his own and no one else can report on it without his approval. CitMediaLaw alerts us to the news that Carlos’ wife/attorney has sued the production company of a documentary about Carlos’ life. She is demanding that the master copy be given to them as soon as it is done, and that she and her husband get to review all the content and demand changes. It seems unlikely that this gets very far, but it’s yet another symptom of our age when people begin to think that pretty much everything can be “owned” via intellectual property.

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Comments on “Imprisoned Terrorist, Carlos The Jackal, Claims Intellectual Property Over Documentary About His Life”

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Mike C. (profile) says:

Is anyone honestly surprised...

… at the direction things are taking?

With more and more major media claiming ownership over ideas, it was no great leap to see that drop all the way to the “root source” of each idea.

In this case, the “root” is “Carlos”. Next up, his parents will claim copyright because they “created” him…

/kidding, but you know someone somewhere will try it someday

Anonymous Coward says:

Style over Substance

This man may be an early example of how one can be famous despite being unsuccessful. The bulk of his attempted assassinations failed. His legend lives on primarily because he was associated with more successful people, and because he has an admittedly cool handle (given to him by the press AFTER he was captured.)

Carlos wouldn’t rate a Twitter today.

jezsik (profile) says:

So? Let them have it and see what happens.

She wants the master copy? Fine. In a digital world, there are no “master” copies. They want to review the content and demand changes. Sure, but those demands must be recorded to video. Of course the producers don’t HAVE to make the changes, right? The clips (or even transcripts) of their demands will certainly make things interesting (and possible drive up sales).

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