Prosecutors Ending Lawsuit Against Lori Drew

from the good-news dept

While there was some concern that prosecutors would push forward with an appeal of a judge’s decision to toss out the ridiculous ruling against Lori Drew, federal prosecutors have now said that they’re dropping the case and will not pursue it further. Drew may still face a civil lawsuit, but it’s a good thing that the government is out of this. No matter what you think of Drew’s behavior in dealing with her daughter’s friend, Megan Meier, it was never a good idea to twist computer hacking laws to try to convict her.

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Comments on “Prosecutors Ending Lawsuit Against Lori Drew”

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Ryan says:

Re: Re: Re:

Agreed, although I still find it pretty troubling that merely being deceitful online suddenly makes you financially liable for any overreaction another Internet user may have.

We’d be much better off as a society if we weren’t so entitled and with so much liability for anything and everything. For whatever reason, it has become so important in the U.S. to make somebody pay anytime something bad happens.

Lt. Jake Stone: You arrested a waiter?
Norman Robberson: Jake, he was rude.
Lt. Jake Stone: Norman, you can’t arrest people for being rude. If you could, all of New York City would be on Death Row.

Shawn (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Re:

I would say it was more then just a conversation. She purposely set this all up because this girl stopped being friends with her daughter. She built it up like some guy was interested in her then shot her down with comments that were cruel and mean. As an adult she should have known better. This is just helicopter parenting at it’s worst.

On that note though I am glad this is being dropped as it was such a stretch that it was rediculous. What she did was wrong but if she didn’t break a law then she didn’t break a law.

Manfriend says:

Methinks Everyone is Missing the Point Here

The criminal lawsuit and the going of to court while the whole world watched and argued about the whole thing, her name and her kid’s name constantly coming up in discussion on the internet, radio, and television talk shows–becoming a touchstone of conversation to be referred to whenever a parent does helicopter parenting… THAT was the punishment. The DA had to know that this type of harassment was unwarranted, that any decisions would be appealed, that the law he chose to charge her with was inapplicable and would result in an overturning of any verdict given. All of which was immaterial–the DA’s goal was not legal justice, but street justice. One wonders if the DA hoped the attention and stress of court and the media circus would result in Lori Drew committing suicide the same way her victim did?

The punishment though, has been served and is being served without any need for prison walls or for expensive police supervision and there is no appeal…

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