Cablevision Puts Up Newsday's Paywall; But Really Just Using It As A Churn Reducer

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When Cablevision first bought Newsday, Charles Dolan admitted the company knew very little about the newspaper business, but promised to consult widely with newspaper experts in coming up with a plan. That seemed like a really really bad idea, since all the newspaper experts we’ve seen don’t seem to even recognize what business they’re really in. But, it looks like that’s exactly what Dolan did. Back in February, the company announced that it was going to put up a paywall for its content. Since there had been no update or any action since then, I’d actually begun to wonder if the company was rethinking that idea. No such luck. Apparently it just took a bit of time to fully plan out Newsday’s self-destruction.

The company has announced that it will start charging a whopping $5/week (not month, but week) to access the website unless you’re an existing paper newspaper subscriber and/or a Cablevision subscriber.

Let’s be absolutely clear what this is. It is not a plan to build a 21st century news organization. It’s a plan to try to reduce churn elsewhere, by putting up a slight hurdle for Cablevision cable customers and Newsday newspaper customers to prevent them from leaving. Cablevision’s customer base and Newsday’s subscriber base overlaps quite a bit, so for plenty of those folks there will be no change at all. But this won’t do anything to actually help the news organization grow. Those who don’t subscribe to the paper edition or who use a competitor for broadband (like Verizon Fios which is pushing hard in Cablevision’s market) will simply go elsewhere. While the NYC papers don’t cover Long Island news quite as completely, they do a pretty good job with the basics, and other local news sources will fill in the rest. Cablevision is basically saying that it’s giving up in the online news business. It’s an admission that it doesn’t know how to compete. This won’t help it sign up new customers, and may only barely help it prevent old customers from leaving.

It’s basically a suicide play for Newsday. This is really a disappointment, since Cablevision — amazingly — had actually been one of the most forward thinking cable companies out there in terms of offering real value on the broadband side of things. But apparently it bought Newsday as an asset to let it wither away.

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Comments on “Cablevision Puts Up Newsday's Paywall; But Really Just Using It As A Churn Reducer”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Actually, this could be a very good play for them.

If your target audience is in a certain area, and all cable internet subscribers get in for free, what you have done is narrow and focus your audience, eliminating freeloaders from outside the area, and generally lowered your costs to maintain your website.

it gives cabelvision a small item to use to seperate their internet brand from others as well.

Before dismissing the idea, I would say you have to let it run to see what happens.

John Fenderson (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“generally lowered your costs to maintain your website.”

By an insignificant amount. Presumably, it will cost the same to produce the website contents, so the only cost reduced is one of bandwidth, and bandwidth is very cheap in comparison to the other business expenses. So they’ll be reducing the least painful bill they have.

But they will be reducing their audience, and so reducing the potential for revenue. Even among their subscriber base, there are bound to be people like me who aren’t willing to register with a site just to see its content, regardless of whether or not it’s free.

Otm Shank (profile) says:

Also News 12

Cablevision’s News 12 operation — a mosaic of local news organizations in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut — have a closed website. In order to access News 12 online, I have to enter my cable bill information or pay a fee.

It’s mantra is that it is exclusive to cable TV (and only on Cablevision in areas it has a presence) and not available on satellite or phone-company TV. In the process, they have locked content down on their website, in an attempt to make the cable service more valuable.

Newsday Friend says:

Cablevision's plan for Newsday

Cablevision’s plan for Newsday seems to be that of its other most recent suitors: cut, cut, cut except for executive compensation. As was widely reported last week, Cablevision executives who also run Newsday will get fat bonuses in the New Year even as they ask union wage-earners, middle-class folks on Long Island, to accept a 10 percent to 15 percent pay cut. That’s right: The contract that the Newsday unions must vote on in less than two weeks asks for a cruel giveback of wages that will seriously harm these workers’ ability to provide for their families. Thanks, Cablevision.

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