Administration Succeeds In Delaying The Release Of Telco Lobbying On Immunity

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So much for that new Obama administration “transparency” claim, huh? After three unsuccessful attempts at stalling a court order to release documents concerning who lobbied for telco immunity in warrantless wiretapping lawsuits, the administration has succeeded in its fourth attempt, delaying the release of the documents at least until next year. Of course, by the time this is decided, it should be long after Congress is done debating the whole warrantless wiretapping issue… so that’s convenient. I’m still trying to figure out who or what the administration is trying to shield. It seems pretty obvious that the telcos would lobby for immunity, so that’s not revealing much. So what’s so important to keep secret?

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Comments on “Administration Succeeds In Delaying The Release Of Telco Lobbying On Immunity”

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Griffon (profile) says:

just sad

This whole thing makes me so sad. I was really hoping for, well change, and instead it’s not just more of the same but even worse. I guess it’s not shocking, though it should be, but it is galling. I used to give folks I know who don’t vote a lot or crap but I swear I’m getting to the point where I truly wonder I should bother myself on anything not local.

JP_Fife says:

Well, this and a lot of other things are chipping away at Obama. The Telegraph is running a story saying his popularity has severely dropped. Looks like America has been Blaired.

DavidB (profile) says:

surprised? no.

I’m kinda surprised Techdirt readers HONESTLY expected any different. I laugh at all of those who “voted for change”. Like has been said, Obama voted FOR telecom immunity as a Senator, gotta question the sanity/logic of anyone who thought he would do different just because he moved from the Senate to the White House.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: surprised? no.

Like has been said, Obama voted FOR telecom immunity as a Senator,

Which is what kept me from voting for him, for two reasons.

First, the bill itself was immoral, in my opinion, and he voted for it.

Second, he stated that he was against it, but then he turned around and voted for it. That told me that he would say one thing, but do another.

nobody says:

not supprised, but still disapointed

I didn’t expect anything different from Obama, but I did hope, and I still hope. But I didnt vote for him, as I dont believe in voting for the two party system.

If people really want a change, then start voting third party, that is the only thing that will scare the “two parties” in to actually working, and maybe we could start having some real choice in our elections.

hegemon13 says:

Re: not supprised, but still disapointed

That’s only a temporary solution. It transfers the same problem, which is the very idea of a party system. How about a leader run on his/her own merits, instead of the pre-packaged, propagandized “qualities” of a specific party? It doesn’t matter what party you choose, they all, ALL present their views from the perspective of their “ideal” world. The problem is, we live in reality, not anyone’s ideal, and our leaders need to govern from that position.

Take away parties, and individual politicians have to work for their own image. They can offer their own ideas without worrying about “bucking” a party. Congress could discuss everything from the perspective of being a group of individuals with ideas, rather than “our team vs. their team.” I know it this will never happen in my lifetime, though sadly, we had the opportunity. George Washington, in his Farewell Address, begged the nation not to adopt a party system. He predicted many of the political problems we have now. Maybe the next time, someone will get it right.

gabe says:


Obama is a socialist communist fucking asshole and he is but a pawn for the leninistic idealism he shares with everyone he has surrounded himself with. The only change is now the us govt is ‘blatantly’ ignoring’ if not attacking, the wishes of the people and it’s very much a free4all ‘take no prisoners’ attitude. Everyone has either been bought or stategically nurtured into complacency, but still bought none the less.
Communists will divide and severely damage ANY country they seek to control. Look around you. Freedom is not anywhere in sight.

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