Indian Intelligence Officials Want To Block Skype

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Skype and other VoIP tools have become quite useful for reaching people around the world. I know that, recently, when my wife happened to be in India on a trip, being able to call her via Skype was incredibly useful. It’s a good thing she’s back now, as reader Shailendra alerts us to the news that Indian intelligence officials are once again asking the government to consider banning Skype. The reason I say “once again” is that I remember similar proposals from a few years back that went nowhere. The official concern, of course, is that “bad people” may use Skype to communicate in a way that can’t easily be tapped or traced. But that’s going to happen no matter what. If Skype is banned, people will still figure out a way to use it, or they’ll migrate to some other tool. Banning Skype or other VoIP providers isn’t fixing a problem, it’s pretending a problem doesn’t really exist.

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Comments on “Indian Intelligence Officials Want To Block Skype”

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Mahendra Palsule (user link) says:

Look at both sides of the issue

I’m sorry that you’re not looking at the complete picture.

There is an alternative: Skype needs to share its encryption code with the Indian authorities, after which there is no issue.

Why don’t you ask why Skype can share it’s code with US and China governments but not India? India doesn’t usually engage in Internet censorship, unlike China.

Kevin (profile) says:

Re: Re: Look at both sides of the issue

Even if Skype were to share their encryption code, if it’s properly implemented knowing how the software is written will not allow for eavesdropping.

For that, Skype would need to share their encryption keys, which they won’t admit to having shared with any outside agency.

You think Skype pisses them off, wait until people start using Zfone in any substantial way.

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