Reason To Buy? The $1 Million Wine Book

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As book publishers are starting to struggle with the same business model issues facing the music industry and others, it seems at least one publisher has come up with a unique “reason to buy” — though, it may be slightly out of your price range. johnjac points us to the news about the $1 million wine book. It is, as described, a book about wines that will run you a cool $1 million. Why? Well, because it comes with the wine it talks about. The book will list out the world’s top 100 wineries, and with the book you’ll get a six bottle case from each winery listed in the book. So, the book, plus 600 bottles of wine from the 100 best wineries in the world. They’re only making 100 copies of the book… and 25 have already been pre-ordered, so hurry up and order.

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Comments on “Reason To Buy? The $1 Million Wine Book”

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Rich Kulawiec says:

Re: Re:

It’s not the state lines per se that are the problem: it’s the diverse nature of shipping laws on a per-state basis that’s the issue. For any pair of states (A,B) it may be the case that:

– It’s perfectly okay to ship A->B and B->A
– It’s okay to ship A->B but not B->A
– It’s not okay to ship A->B or B->A

And then it just gets more complicated from there. Wineries around the country are just about uniformly in favor of removing all these barriers, and I agree with them: I find the counterarguments (“OMG colleges students will buy so much wine that fleets of UPS and FedEx trucks will roll onto campuses…”) specious and self-serving.

drkkgt (profile) says:

Re: Okay some comments

I wonder if the wines are going to be partially donated by the winery due to the publicity or if the wine makers are going to demand multiple payments from the writers, photographers, printers, producers, binders, typesetters, word processing developers, computer hardware manufacturers, and paper mills that were used in producing the book on behalf of all the hard working grape pickers.

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