New Jersey Politician Adds Most GPS Devices To Driver Distractions To Ban

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We’ve pointed out time and time again how silly it is for politicians to run around trying to ban each and every driver distraction, rather than just focusing on beefing up laws for reckless driving. There have been laws or proposals against driving while talking on a phone, texting, viewing a video screen, faxing, eating, shaving, playing video games and even having sex. And now, Comboman alerts us to a proposal in New Jersey to ban drivers from using GPS devices that require manual programming. Instead, drivers could only use those with voice control features. Next up? Who’s going to ban adjusting the radio dial or the air conditioning?

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Comments on “New Jersey Politician Adds Most GPS Devices To Driver Distractions To Ban”

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Anonymous Coward says:

What they should really do is ban the most distracting parts of driving, like manually adjusting all knobs and wheels (including what some people refer to as a “steering wheel”), changing lanes, and pushing down on the gas and brake pedals. That way, no one will ever get distracted and we’ll never have any car accidents.

The Cenobyte says:

Prohibition doesn't work anyway

Prohibition of an action never works, look at drugs, Alcohol or eating fruit in the garden of eden. People will do what they want to do. The only sensable laws are ones that enforce only crimes that directly effect another.

I personally can talk on my phone and drive. I am fully aware of which one is more important, and people on the other end of the phone are often forced to repeat themselves as I will ignore them to pay attention to the road. However others can’t seem to keep themselves in their lane even when they are not on the phone, or us a turn signel, or not tailgate. Yet I am not allowed to talk on my phone but they are still allowed to drive on the road without tickets and fines.

Rob (profile) says:

That’s funny — I have always thought of my manually programmable GPS as a wonderful safety device, I can think of numerous times that I have almost got into a wreck while fiddling with a map while driving. Why don’t they just make it illegal to play with the thing when your car is moving? You get in an accident and the name of a town is halfway entered on the GPS it counts against you in determining fault. That would make too much sense though…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

That would be a very trouble prone way to determine fault… what if someone else is in the car? Did they enter the half-name? What if the half-name was entered before they started driving and he stopped there? What if the electronics malfunctioned during the impact? Try to think things through a little bit more; your suggestion makes no sense really.

Brendan says:

Stupid People

As a human who was raised and educated in New Jersey and now reside elsewhere I firmly believe that what should be the focus in New Jersey and Staten Island and Long Island is education and common sense. The region is overflowing with ass-backward thinking, uptight, self centered, STUPID people to include the politicians and it’s these people who are the problem not electronic devices.

Get a Clue New Jersey!

Rosedale (profile) says:

What about Google Maps?

So I don’t own a GPS, but I have used them. Sure you have to enter input by hand, most people know to do this while not moving or before crunch time. But even if someone were dumb enough to enter in the location while moving that is far safer than the many times I’ve used google maps printed out. I mean the GPS dictates directions. Google maps you have to read, how is that for distracted. Of course eventually all this just becomes absurd. Common sense is not too much to ask for, and I think we have find laws in place for the people who just being reckless.

another mike (profile) says:

yeah sure yankee spell this...

I’d like to see voice recognition software get my street name right. Telemarketers can’t get it right even when it’s spelled out for them. Not a bad thing really.

What… is your company?”
What… is your product?”
What… is the correct pronunciation of Conicogegue?”
sproing, into the chasm every time!

Avatar28 (profile) says:

next up...

…using a car sound system that isn’t voice activated. Good for Ford (Sync), bad for pretty much everyone else.

Or we could just mandate that by, say, 2015 every new car sold must have the ability to drive itself with little or no input from a human. If your car can’t do that then you’ll just have to take public transit.

Andy (profile) says:

Re: next up...

Please don’t even go there. We already have GPS and radar-guided systems that companies such as Volvo and Mercedes have demonstrated which aim to do just that.

Clearly we have become so collectively moronic as a species that we now need to hand over control of our activities and our fates to machines. Great idea, as everybody knows, machines NEVER fail!!!

TwoWords (profile) says:

ban all vactioning people and idiots

I was driving through Pa from MD on Friday and alsmost got hit head on at intersection while turning right because the four idiots from NY who were going golfing(followed them) turned from the other side in front of me because they were in a hurry. Then another driver from NY gets in front of me and is doing 35 in a 45 because he is watching his GPS more than the road and when we get into the small town we start doing 20 in a 35 and then he stops where it tells you to for the stop light but then pulls up the other road(about 20 feet up, you stopped back at the line so trucks can turn frommthe other road after leaving the dairy farm) and then sits there then turns right on red with 3 signs that say no turn on red and about gets hit. I have seen more and more people reading books, magazines, sudoku, crosswords, DVD’s, phones, blackberry/palm, computers, and more while driving. The roads are becoming full of the type of people who think that they can do all of this and drive. We need to have a big wake up call and make it hard to have a DL and to keep a DL. Also if a truck driver needs a special DL how the people driving RV’s do not. They are more dangerous behind the wheel than a truck driver. I seen a RV’er with a long trailer take out the gas pumps trying to leave a gas station because he did not know how to turn properly.

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