PartyGaming Pays Its Online Gambling Tax

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Online gambling company PartyGaming has agreed to pay the US government $105 million as part of a “non-prosecution agreement” to wrap up the government’s investigation of the site. The move comes after the company’s founder, Anurag Dikshit, paid $300 million in online gambling taxes a settlement to the US government last year, meaning it’s now collected about $750 million or more in “settlements” with foreign gambling companies and their executives. The government has shown little interest in prosecuting anybody, underlining the belief that it’s really just taxing these companies in a very roundabout way. If it’s going to do that, it remains that legalizing online gambling so it can be regulated and taxed would be a better solution.

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Comments on “PartyGaming Pays Its Online Gambling Tax”

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Weird Harold (user link) says:

I use to work with a guy who’s name was Maboob. I am sure harold sounds just as funny in his native tongue.

Anyway, reading the story tells the full truth, that effectively all Party Gaming is trying to do is remove the potential for US action against the company, so as to remove potential liability and make the company more stable for it’s investors. They have pretty much paid to buy peace.

I would say that it also makes it more likely that Mr Dikshit could travel to the US with less chance of getting arrested on arrival. This would be rather important if the company is going to push to get the US laws changed to make their company “legal”.

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