Irish ISPs Point Out They're Under No Obligation To Follow Three Strikes Policy

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Last month, we wrote about how the recording industry association in Ireland, IRMA, was sending around vaguely threatening letters to ISPs, telling them that they had to abide by the settlement terms made by the ISP Eircom, which included a three strikes policy and, according to IRMA — but not Eircom — an agreement not to protest should IRMA convince the gov’t that certain sites, such as The Pirate Bay, should be blocked altogether. Luckily, the folks at those ISPs recognize they’re under no legal obligation to do this, and as reader eoinmonty alerts us, those ISPs have now made that clear to IRMA, sending the group a letter, saying that the legal threat implied by IRMA’s original letter was spurious, and the ISPs believe they’re just fine under current European law.

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Comments on “Irish ISPs Point Out They're Under No Obligation To Follow Three Strikes Policy”

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interval says:

Re: Re: I love Ireland

Yeah, green beer. No self-respecting son of Paddy would touch the stuff. While St. Patrick’s Day is one of church services and family togetherness in Ireland, in America its just an excuse to get stupidly drunk, stagger down the avenue all parade-like, and dump food coloring in all the libations.

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