Family Guy Song Didn't Infringe On Pinocchio Song

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It’s another victory for fair use, as a judge has sided with the producers of the animated series Family Guy in a lawsuit over whether the song When You Wish Upon A Star was infringed by a parody song. The judge sided with Family Guy, noting that the song was used for humorous intent, and the “wholesome” association between the original and the movie Pinocchio made the song ripe for parody. This isn’t the first time Family Guy has won lawsuits from people who are apparently unaware of the legal acceptance of parody… Somehow, it’s unlikely to be the last time either.

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Comments on “Family Guy Song Didn't Infringe On Pinocchio Song”

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hegemon13 says:

Re: Obvious

There is. It’s called a “frivolous lawsuit.” Clearly, this was, but it may not have been declared on by the judge. I think, in this case, the plaintiff party (not Disney, actually) should have to pay all legal fees with interest, plus reimburse the defendant for their time, and pay for any damages. Damages, for an individual, could be time missed from work or business, lost employment, etc. Not sure if it would apply to a corporation. These kinds of bully lawsuits need to be checked. Hard.

Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:

Pinnochio song

Right on, Michael, though IMO, the real problem is the ridiculous times allowed for copyright (though you can sort of understand; politicians depend on campaign funds, and therefore have to sell their souls to big business or get out of politics).
If we had campaign finance reform, I’ll bet one change would be shortening the length of time for a copyright; say, to 10 – 20 years; and there goes the copyright involved!

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