China Tosses Out Yet Another High-Def DVD Format

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Say hello to HD NVD, China’s latest homegrown high-definition DVD format. It joins EVD, another Chinese effort, along with HD VMD to try and drag Blu-Ray back into a standards fight, following its triumph over HD DVD. Best of luck with that, even with NVD’s supposed cost advantage thanks to a lack of foreign-owned intellectual property. That’s the same argument that was used for China’s homegrown TD-SCDMA 3G technology, which hasn’t exactly thrust them to the forefront of mobile telecommunications.

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Comments on “China Tosses Out Yet Another High-Def DVD Format”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Honestly, who’d want to buy a crappy China-made format? Their stuff always falls apart after a while. If you bought a Chinese high def DVD, it either wouldn’t play well, wouldn’t play at all, or it would stop working after a short time, making you buy another.

Give it a rest already, China. You’re trying to attack a piece of land that’s already been conquered. It’s futile. We don’t need more formats. Just stick to what you do best, making cheap knock-offs of existing products.

Comboman says:

Built-in market of 1 billion people

It really doesn’t need to succeed anywhere outside of China to be a success, they have a domestic market of 1 billion people (and growing).

Anyone remember VideoCDs? They were never a commercial success in the west, but in China you could buy set-top VCD players and buy/rent VCD movies at the local supermarket.

PRMan (profile) says:

Hollywood doesn't need to use it

>No matter how awesome or cheap China’s standard is, Hollywood won’t use it. So it’s pointless to even waste time writing about it.

Piracy is so rampant in China that they don’t need Hollywood’s seal of approval on a disc format.

The pirates will download whatever they want from torrents and burn it on a disc and sell it on the corner for 2 Yuan.

If Hollywood wants a piece of the action, they’ll get on board by making nice packaging for 5 Yuan.

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