Ruckus Music Service — Which Was Supposed To Save The Industry — Now Dead

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Remember Ruckus? That was the attempt by a former recording industry guy and a former Napster employee to create an online music service that colleges would pay for, but which students could use for “free” (free in the sense that students wouldn’t be paying for it directly). When we pointed out how lame the service was, we actually got angry emails from some folks who insisted that it really had revolutionized the campuses who had bought into it. In fact, the recording industry used this argument in its big push to force universities to sign up for Ruckus.

Apparently the revolution was short-lived — and without government help to force colleges to subscribe, Ruckus has shut down. For some of those who got their music from Ruckus, the DRM on the tracks means that the music will be unplayable. Some tracks are still playable, but will apparently die once they hit their “renew date” and can’t find a DRM server to renew. Yet another recording industry backed solution to the “piracy problem” that wasn’t. At what point does the industry finally realize that piracy isn’t the problem at all?

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Comments on “Ruckus Music Service — Which Was Supposed To Save The Industry — Now Dead”

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still... says:

Re: Re: I liked it

OK, maybe it wasn’t free. But, we’re not going to notice any big change, even though it’s gone.

In other words, ruckus being gone isn’t making my tuition any cheaper. Tuition and student fees will go up, even despite the departure of the ruckus fee.

I agree that it was a great program. I was able to download albums at a time of my favorite artists. It never made my computer crash either, and mine’s a pretty shitty one…

Steve says:

For me this is a sad loss. I loved using ruckus, and kept it open on my machine at all times. While the quality wasn’t always the greatest, usually 128 or 192 bit, the price was right.

For those who are saying that the students payed for the service through tuition, Ruckus went completely ad supported a few years ago. While it was initially a pay for service that campuses would sign up for that was not the case the last 2 years or so.

LD says:

Re: Change the system date

Hi Joe,

I’m a senior citizen who isn’t very computer savvy. I was a graduate student when Ruckus became available to me. I saw it as a way to access “oldies” that are very difficult to find through other services AND I didn’t pay anything for the service. I suppose that should have been a red flag.

What hurt me most is that I didn’t have an opportunity to save the music or renew licenses before Ruckus folded.

I can only access about 20 – 25 of the songs I downloaded. I downloaded hundreds. I get an error message about the license when I try to use a different server like Windows.

I’m bummed.

Do you know of another way I can get the music without spending an arm and a leg?

Thanks for your comment; and, take care.

cong says: was indeed FREE

Ruckus was Free, by the time it was introduced by my university, I didn’t find any extra charge on my tuition fees statement, so it’s free for whose university signed up for their students, also free for others, because after 2007, you only need a college email address to access this service, which means, most students whose university didn’t even make a deal with ruckus, can also signed up for this service for FREE.

Those who said ruckus wasn’t free are total idiots.

I loved ruckus too, I remember downloading zillions of music and then illegally converted them to DRM-free mp3s using “protected music converter”. And yes, i kept nearly 9,000 FREE songs FOREVER.

Sigh, the good ole days are gone. I miss ruckus SO MUCH.

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