German Politician's Plan To Block Wikipedia Backfires… Badly

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How many times will situations like the following happen before people realize how badly trying to suppress information online backfires? Apparently, a German politician who was upset about some things in his Wikipedia profile went to court and got a judge to issue an order to block Wikipedia’s German site. Of course, as soon as news of this came to light, the politician backed down and apologized. So, instead of getting the information he wanted suppressed, now that information has been brought to many more peoples’ attention, and (of course) the site will remain accessible. Good work.

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Comments on “German Politician's Plan To Block Wikipedia Backfires… Badly”

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Erik (profile) says:

It is almost shocking to me how dumb politicians are and it seems like the majority don’t really understand the fundamentals of the information age. Censorship no longer works and is like sending up a “Look at me” flare when they try to suppress unflattering information. They would do far better by trying to live more honorable lives than trying to scrub reality.

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