China Says Six Hours A Day Online Makes You An Internet Addict

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While there are some doctors who are pushing to make internet addiction an official disorder, most folks recognize that internet addiction has been shown not to be a clinical addiction, but rather a sign of problems elsewhere (depression, family problems, etc.). However, over in China, where folks have been treating internet addiction with shock therapy for years, it appears that the government is getting set to officially recognizes internet addiction as a disorder. However, the definition is raising some eyebrows, as apparently it’s based on some “research” that says someone who spends more than six hours a day online is an addict.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that the Chinese doctor who set the definition that the government is expected to approve just so happens to have built China’s very first internet addiction center. In other words, he stands to personally benefit quite a lot by having internet addiction made official, as it will drive “business” to his treatment center. It’s difficult to see how you can claim that an addiction is based solely on the amount of time one spends online as well, considering that plenty of people have to spend that much time (or more) online for work, and others spend much more time online but don’t have it negatively impact other areas of their life. Once again, this seems like an attempt to call something an addiction just because it helps get some doctors business, rather than a real attempt to look at the underlying issues of said “addicts.”

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Comments on “China Says Six Hours A Day Online Makes You An Internet Addict”

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Buzz says:


I would consider myself an addict back when the Internet was starting to boom with content (around year 2000). I really did do nothing but sit on the Internet all day as a teenager.

Now, the Internet is just a part of society. I am comfortable knowing I can look up virtually any piece of knowledge from my computer at any time of the day. I don’t surf as much as I used to.

Donald Moore (user link) says:

this makes sense from china's perspective

someone using the internet for any length of time per day consumes knowledge whether they realize it or not. Just like bartenders with salty peanuts to drive up drinks to quench the thirst, wouldn’t the same be true for newer and more details morsels of knowledge. Wouldn’t this need to consume more information contradict china’s ability to control it’s populace?

Michael Witt (profile) says:

Re: this makes sense from china's perspective

I must say, I’m quite perplexed by your logic.

Sure, bartenders may use salty peanuts to make someone thirstier, but alcohol is a diuretic, and will make you thirstier anyways (although I would concede that peanuts will make you thirsty faster). Yet this doesn’t matter, because knowledge is not consumed as you say, it doesn’t just go into the brain and into a black hole, the knowledge is stored (for a time at least), and may make someone realize that they know less than he or she thought. And even that pales in comparison to your question: “Wouldn’t this need to consume more information contradict china’s[sic] ability to control it’s[sic] populace?” That question makes no sense whatsoever; how does information lead to an inability to control your populace?

Chad says:

Same goes for people who read 6 hours a day, watch tv 6 hours a day, go to the office 6 hours a day, drive a car 6 hours a day…. The internet is a tool that happens to be EXTREMELY entertaining. If it’s the same site for 6 hours straight without a break that might be cause for concern, but the average user who is browsing around for 6 hours including breaks every 15-30 minutes has nothing to fear.

I spend a lot more than 6 hours a day on the internet, I can assure you of that.

Charming Charlie says:

China doesn’t control it’s populace. The government just smacks down people who cause it problems. People culling information on the internet, where the most subversive material is difficult to get to, is not something the government cares about.

Claiming the people of China are controlled does nothing more than demonstrate your American arrogance to comment on things you really only know hearsay about. Don’t let your conclusions exceed your evidence, and don’t comment if you don’t know shit.

Man in China says:

Re: Re:

You say not to let people’s conclusions exceed their evidence,yet you have concluded that everyone posting here is American and you have no evidence to back that up.

As far as China controlling it’s populace.. it depends where you are in China and the STATUS of those involved.
You know, often now there are students who go to internet cafe’s all night and the parents who both work really can’t put a stop to it,this would seem to be aimed in that direction,more student control.

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