Where Did All My Comments Go?

from the that-would-be-a-big-oops dept

So…. some of you may have posted some comments on Techdirt this morning and are now noticing that those comments are gone. Kaput. Missing. This is especially ironic, considering the story this morning getting the most comments was about Amazon’s “glitch” in deleting reviews. Well, we’re not going to blame a glitch. We’re going to blame ourselves for screwing up, royally. While doing some ordinary maintenance work, we accidentally blew up the entire comment database. That was fun. And, not only that, but our backup plan didn’t quite work as planned, and we were only able to restore comments up through midnight last night. That means, basically, all the comments from the first 11 hours this morning are gone. Yes. This sucks. Yes, all of us here feel completely awful about it. And, yes, guess what we’re doing today? That’s right: building a better backup system. So, our sincerest, deepest apologies for screwing this one up. But, if you commented earlier, and feel like taking a second chance at saying what you said, get to it. Update: BackType, a comment search engine, actually rescued our comments. So almost all (or perhaps all) of the missing comments are now back! Huge thank you to BackType.

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Comments on “Where Did All My Comments Go?”

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Milan Olofsson says:

Fast Recovery

I’m impressed with the speed of recovery. I clicked on ‘reply to this comment’ in an earlier article, input my comment – ok, it was a long and rambling comment – by the time I’d clicked submit, there was this article already here explaining why the comment I was replying to wasn’t there anymore and what was recoverable of the comments database had been recovered.

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

Re: Good Thing It's an Inifinite Good

Wow Lonnie.
Even in an apologetic post by Mike, you manage to not understand how things work.
Our comments are technically infinite, yes.
However, that doesn’t mean they are not valuable.
Price != Value.
It is VERY simple really.
Our comments do have value as they add to discussion.
However, they are priceless. (har har har, couldn’t resist)

But, in short, you are still wrong.

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