YouTube Taking Feature Advice From XKCD

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While any open online forum has its share of trolls and poorly written comments, YouTube is infamous for having a quality level below pretty much everywhere else. The (absolutely worth reading) online comic strip, xkcd ran a strip recently joking about one possible “cure” for this: having a virus written that would read a YouTuber’s comment outloud before requesting final approval to post it. The idea was that any sane person would recognize how idiotic their comments sounded:

Listen to Yourself
Apparently, the folks at YouTube/Google thought it was such a good idea that they’ve actually created just such a button. Of course, those who need to use it most probably won’t do so. At least with the xkcd version, the virus forced people to listen to their comments.

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Comments on “YouTube Taking Feature Advice From XKCD”

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another mike says:

this is full of epic win

I’ve seen this all over the place (/., fark, digg, i think it was even on wired) but I saw it on xkcd first. I hope Randall has a good webhost.
The best part of this feature is that youtube moved the submit button over and put the read-it button in its place. there’ve been lots of comments about how people, not noticing the buttons have moved, thought it really was a virus.
I still like the firefox addon that hides mispelled comments.

D$ says:


I have enjoyed XKCD for quiet some time, and I am so very happy that a company as cool as Google is paying attention as well. XKCD is the reason I’m getting my first Linux machine, and why I’m currently learning python. Keep up the good work!


P.S. Thank you techdirt for brining this to our attention, I haven’t been to YouTube in ages, and will have to check it out now. I wonder if the comments are going to get worse now with this “feature” though. my favorite back in elementary school was to run “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” through the reader program, ah what shenanigans I got up to… *sigh*

Devon Boling (A.K.A. D$) says:

Re: Re: Viva XKCD

No, but I can get the computer to greet you by name, and if your name is Travis it will tell you it doesn’t want you to get AIDS. Besides, I didn’t think that happened until you learned LISP. I could be mistaken though… I’ll have to go back and read through the site again.

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:


What is to stop people from just turning off their volume? That is, if they were absolutely forced to listen, like a virus.

Anyways, @TwinRova
HEY! What is wrong with wearing sandals with socks? Keeps the feet from getting sweaty in the sandals (and I am not talking flip flops either, I could see them, but I mean snap on sandals, not even velco) Yet still has more air flow than shoes. Or are those not considered sandals?
I may have to fight you over this one. =P

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