MLB Backs Down When Someone It Bullies Explains Fair Use To Them

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For years now, Major League Baseball’s online division,, has been over aggressive in claiming ownership and control over anything associated with Major League Baseball — even though court after court has told them they don’t get to control everything. However, MLB just keeps on claiming ownership of things anyway, such as sending out various DMCA takedown notices to YouTube for any clip of baseball put up by anyone else. Larry Lessig has the story, though, of one fan who fought back and filed a detailed counterclaim about how his video was fair use and MLB was repeatedly abusing its power in damaging ways. Amazingly, not only did MLB relent, it featured the video it had just demanded get taken down on its own blog. To be honest, there’s a chance that the two things are unrelated, and the blogger had no idea that the parent company’s lawyers were trying to shut down the video — but the story is a good reminder that if someone is overreaching in their takedown attempts, it can be effective to respond with a counternotice that clearly states the issues.

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Comments on “MLB Backs Down When Someone It Bullies Explains Fair Use To Them”

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you used the words MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL in your post. In order for you to reference our venerable institution, you must PAY PAY PAY. You may not even use the word BASEBALL because we have Copyrighted that term. And MAJOR LEAGUE? Don’t even ask! Please send all the money you have RIGHT NOW or we will sic the RIAA on you! NOW DO IT!

Sand Jent says:

Gooberman’s counter notification to MLB Advanced Media is a gem of craftsmanship in the art of writing.
I gave up on baseball in the wake of the steroid cheating scandals of the ’90s. The pennant races, pursuit of records, and the World Series just don’t seem real anymore.
However, it is to MLB’s credit they backed down from this particular issue.

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