Comcast Says No One Has Complained About Its New Traffic Slowing Efforts

from the no-one-has-complained...-yet dept

Last month, Comcast, in addition to finally revealing the broadband caps it had always had, admitted that it was going to test a system where it slowed down traffic for heavy users in congested areas — effectively, sending their internet traffic to the back of the line. The company is now claiming that this plan is a success because in five trials there were no complaints about slower traffic. Of course, what the company means is that there were no direct complaints to the company. They don’t know if people were pissed off and off shopping for competitive services (if any actually exist), or were complaining to friends or in online forums. Having dealt with Comcast customer service, and after seeing how Comcast (falsely) denied its traffic shaping efforts for months, perhaps customers impacted by this new system simply realized that it wasn’t worth the hassle of complaining directly to Comcast.

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Comments on “Comcast Says No One Has Complained About Its New Traffic Slowing Efforts”

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jon says:

thats funny

thats funny they say that. cause i was shopping around for dif ISP. i really got tired of their lies. have you guys read the one where they admit they check and violate privacy rights by checking traffic and protocols of what we download “bitorrent and so on” i might be going to att since this is not working for me as a customer. so if they havent heard the complaint well i made sure the ppl at their cust service knew i was pissed and thats WHY i switched providers.

Blatant Coward says:

Of course they never get complaints about throttling:
“You are having issues with your P2P connection being slow? One moment while I get an engineer on the line! *hits button for tier one in wherethefrakeveristan* Transferrring call about slow browsing.”

Any ISP you go to slow connection 99.5% of the time the issue IS either viral laden pc, open wireless being used by neighbors/interference, or someone using a “off of our network” speed test with funky routing, or even just site overload. (The Victoria’s Secret webcast during that NFL trademark fest a few years back comes to mind…)

So it’s the mindset of the tech support staff of this fact for the ones that care, and the way the flowchart is laid out for the ones punching the clock. They just have no way at the local level to get information to the headend guys about these problems, and if they did, the headend guys would say “Did you follow your flowchart? you did? then why are you calling me? *click*”

Throttling is a management nonproblem. Since management has the statistics to show slowness is a tech problem, they will always toss you back into the phone bucket.

Anonymous Coward says:

I care and I would complain if I had a way to. But I don’t want to risk them shutting me off for complaining.

My problem with Comcast is that they are NOT throttling bandwidth or traffic shaping. They are simply terminating and banning your account if you use too much bandwidth once or twice. What if I used ten zillion terabytes of bandwidth — but I only did it during time periods when the current traffic in our area was about 5%? Rather than control my total monthly bandwidth, how about you just shape everyone’s traffic and throttle it back DURING HECTIC PERIODS. If I use my fully allotted bandwidth, but I do it all during peak customer usage times, how has this new “limit” helped you AT ALL?!

DR Strangelove says:

I work for ISPS and see it all the time

What ever, The laws are enforced through our gov. So that means they can change the rules anytime.
I see it as- I live in a town with only one place to buy food. I have no other choice then to order from them.
I decide on a Double cheese burger with Fries- and am charged 3.50 but all I get is a single burger with no cheese and no fries. I complain after years of this, and finally it is decided that was wrong, but now they can short me the cheese and fries if they are low on stock and i get no refund for the years it was wrong. Once this town gets popular and people want to watch TV too while eating- the rules will change to- buy every bite you eat.

Nismoto says:

Re: I work for ISPS and see it all the time

Lame ass analogy. Lame.

We, aka internet service customers, already pay for every bite. The way I see it is:

You’re hungry, real hungry. So you go to your local All-You-Can-Eat crap buffet and pay $7.99+tax for,… you guessed it: all you can eat.

You commence to stuffing your face, plate after plate, and eat more than any other customer around you. Two big ass dudes in suits show up at your table and tell you “No mas. You have eaten enough and can’t have any more”. They escort you out of the restaurant and tell you you’re not welcome back until next month.

You have done nothing wrong at all. The amount of food you ate cost more that $7.99+tax but that’s not your fault. And it really doesn’t hurt the restaurant since most people don’t consume more than $4.00 worth of food. But the restaurant is a greedy, money-grubbing bastard and can’t have this because they need to make a 100% profit on EVERY single customer.

The “All-You-Can-Eat” part was just to get you in the doors.

jon says:

there is no method for complaints

Like so many companies these days, the reason they get no complaints is because there is no procedure in place to take complaints, or if there is a method the folks on the phones either are told not to use it or do not know about it.

Call Comcast (or anybody else) and just tell them you would like to lodge a consumer complaint. They will be totally lost. They do not have a script or flowchart for that. Not even the supervisors know what to do. Most places if you ask for the phone number to the corporate headquarters they say they do not know it.

The only company that has ever said “sure, I can take care of that” and actually did (the complaint was followed up on) was Direct TV. Not that I am a big fan of theirs.

If Comcast had a system in place, and the training to go with it, to take complaints then they might actually get some.

Michial (user link) says:

Comcast soon to be gone

I have been seeing signs in my neighborhood that Verizon is overbuilding their FIOS network into my neighborhood. All I have to say is that if it would speed things up to be able to kick Comcast out I would personally be out there drilling fiber lines day and night 24×7 to get them to my house.

U-Verse was installed and promptly kicked out of my house when they did not deliver what they promised, I have seen a number of my neighbors with U-Verse’s little return to sender box for their hardware so I have to believe I am not the only one to kick them out.

So now I sit holding my breath waiting the moment I can give Comcast the old one finger salute as I kick them to the side of the road. The only thing that can make it better is for it to be on my birthday this year so I can kick them and bobble head bush to the curb with one single salute! That is if Bobble head doesn’t manage to kill the country financially and leave me sleeping under a bridge by then.

Chris says:

Re: Ahhh We have a Bobble Head fan

You do realize that the US is a free market economy and that WE the people wrecked the economy and not the government? Sure the government could of stepped in and stopped it before it continued to spiral further downward like it has, but the real people to blame are the fools who tried to live beyond their means and the corporations that loaned them money to do so. People need to stop blaming one man for their stupidity, if your one of the people who had your home foreclosed because you couldn’t afford the payments… shame on you, purchase a house you can actually afford WHILE paying for all your other expenses…

Michial (user link) says:

Re: Re: Ahhh We have a Bobble Head fan


*IF* the mortgage crisis was caused by Americans buying houses they could not afford then you would be correct. *BUT* the source of our problems is the rapid rise in Oil Prices, and that rapid rise is DIRECTLY related to Bobble heads international policies, and warmongering mentality.

If Bobble head would for once shut the fuck up and keep his nose out of other countries business instead of playing world police and world bully we would not have been in this situation.

WHY are we bailing out the Banking Industry, and AIG? Why not simply fix the source of the problem and let private industry settle where it falls?

Instead of $700 BILLION to bail out the banking industry why not $700 BILLION to stabilize gas prices so Americans can afford to get to/from work. Why not %700 BILLION to improve mass transit so that it is available to more Americans as an alternative to driving, how about $700 BILLION going toward prosecuting corrupt politicians?

Chris says:

Re: Re: Re: Ahhh We have a Bobble Head fan

No doubt Bush’s policy has effected oil prices to some extent, but his policy is not the only reason oil prices have risen. Oil prices directly effect everything in our society and does have an effect on people being able to pay their bills I completely agree. But again, people need to learn to control their spending and stop trying to live beyond their means. If these people wouldn’t of Unfortunately we live in a society where image is everything no matter the cost.

Now, for $700 billion dollar bailout… it really doesn’t matter what it goes to, whether it be an oil or wallstreet bailout… WE are still paying for it. You can’t stablize gas prices by dumping $700 billion in tax payers dollars because you are still taking the money from the people regardless. So in other words, your prices might look lower at the pump, but the government is going to recoupe that money with a new tax and/or raise taxes already in place. If they actually don’t try to recoupe the money then we are going to see major buget cuts in other sectors which could potentially drive up costs in those areas.

The problem with letting the private industry settle where it falls would be a terrible thing to do, because they obviously couldn’t handle their own affairs up to this point and would make a bad situation even worse.

I DO agree in using the $700 billion to oust the corrupt politicians in congress however! But unfortunately that would never happen because they are the ones who vote on it… damnit!

CastorTroy-Libertarian, Lover, General Annoyance f says:

Re: Re: Ahhh We have a Bobble Head fan

90% of the time I would agree 100% with your statement. This time i have to ask though, how much do we blame the government? I know in my area State Property Taxes are driving people out of their homes (and im not talking about new home people). Most people around here have seen their property taxes increase by 40% or more. I am holding on to my home buy many of my friends (and most make 3 times there home mortage payment) are not.. they are selling out to Flippers or lossing the home altogether.

James (profile) says:

Re: Ahhh We have a Bobble Head fan

World is fine as far as I can see. I will make my mortgage no problem because I live within my means. My world is safer with my Glock on board. Economy is moving along fine with my ten percent pay raise and my corvette gets 38 mpg on the highway. To bad you whiney butt borderline EMOs don;t like this country. Why don’t you leave?

Anonymous Coward (user link) says:

Re: Re: Ahhh We have a Bobble Head fan

“Economy is moving along fine with my ten percent pay raise”

So your in just line with the measure of inflation, in fact, your pay increased 2%! But if we consider mortgage-backed securities as money (like Wallstreet has) then, uh, you took a 13% paycut this year. Confused? Look at the historical figures of Gold and Oil. But keep up the good work. What keeps me going is the fact that millions of bankers on government welfare depend on me.

Vote for Rove 2008 because He was Bush’s Brain!

Dave says:

Comcast is by far the worst company I have ever used for anything. I call and complain at least twice a month for outages and demand a credit. They have been slowing me down for years but not only when I was using P2P. Jsut the built in craptastic nature of too many people in my area pilled on the same pipe so that any intensive service used between 9 am and 7 pm slows to a crawl.

No amount of complaining has does anything more than have send a tech out who is sure it is either my router or my cables. Right … the cables in my house only work right 14 hours a day.

And no there is no competition. No att, no verizon, no wow, nothing.

Don’t even get me started on their overcompressed HD feeds.

Casey Billups says:

WTB Competition

I check the FIOS page like once a month to see if I am hit yet, but until then I simply have no other alternatives to comcast.

It’s rediculous. However the feasibility of me finding 8 gigs worth of download material daily to reach their 250 gig cap, in time to be able to Download it on their crappy connection… well. If I hit a fast server and speedboost kicks in, I could, but thats idealistic for finding a server to feed me a daily 8 gigs worth of content.

I’m an avid torrent player with 3 TB’s on my file server, but with torrent’s (or atleast any responsible torrent user) your basically limited to your Upload more than your download. Yeah, I can grab a 4 gig DVD from a private tracker in 30 minutes. At 30kb’s a second upload though, it’s going to take me a few days to replace my ratio.

I average 5 gigs daily. The cap is rediculous, but it won’t affect the average person.

Michial (user link) says:

WTB Competition


I think for most of us it’s not necessarily that they have Caps on their service, or even that they slow bandwidth hogs. I think it’s that they lied to us non-stop for years about doing these things.

I had a friend that received a letter in 2006 stating that he was using an excessive amount of bandwidth, and that if the usage at those levels continued it would result in his services being terminated.

I had an actual copy of the letter when I confronted a Comcast rep about this, and the insisted that they did not monitor usage. I showed them the letter and they insisted that it was a forged letter…

Today I download 17g per week + my normal daily usage, the 17g is incremental backups. This is expected to tripple in the next 90-120 days for me, if this is the case we will see what Comcast does about it.

Casey says:

Re: WTB Competition


Oh I know, I have plenty of personal customer service horror stories from Comcast. I also know it’s the principle of the thing and I agree completely. I certainly wouldn’t be with comcast if there was an alternative.

However in my apartment, I can’t have a dish. Verizon (non-Fios) I would need a dish to get TV + internet through. Clearwire… well right… and thats about it as far as Richmond VA providers.

What are you backing up at 17 gigs a week? Thats a little rough if it triples.

From Philly with love says:

comcast resentment

If you want your complaints to be heard, make it known to your local cable franchise board, email the BBB (better business bureau), contact the FCC, start an online (or offline) petition, get a lawyer, etc. You have more options that are effective than complaining on a forum.

The more people lodge formal complaints in a decisive manner, the more the ‘authorities’ will hear and do something about it. Here’s a link to the FCC:

Your local cable franchise board needs to know that Comcast is the only broadband service in your area and by default there are no other high-speed options available.

Mike says:


For those that think that their ISP’s are doing this because of congestion: In the last 4 years, the growth of internet users has peaked, the ISP’s however have mostly not updated their networks for about 6. They are not suffering from a frenzy of new users eating up their bandwidth, they are just trying to make more money without spending any. Call your ISP and complain about your caps, and complain about this money grab. I have Rogers, and NO caps and 10M connection for the price of 7 because I yelled at several customer support agents and let them know that I was onto their game. Unless you call them and let them know your not fooled, they will keep on screwing you.

Joe (profile) says:

I doubt they actually checked with customer complaints

I am not a comcast customer, I was fed up enough after 1 run around with them when I lived in Tallahassee, FL. I go out of my way wherever I may live not to use Comcast due to how slow my connection was at that time and how horrible their customer service was.

I was being charged full price to surf the net at a speed slower then a 28Kbps connection. Talk about crap.

FYI I did complain A LOT, and eventually went to the BBB to get a refund, granted i only recieved 1 month discounted service with no fix to the problem or actual compensation for my issue.

Mark (user link) says:

I call BS

Comcast is so full of crap it’s not even funny. I can personally verify that I called them and explained exactly why I was canceling my service. I explained to their CSR that the traffic shaping, frequent down times, and the new bandwidth caps going into effect in Oct were all part of why I was dropping them and switching to At&t U-verse.

Then two weeks later I explained it all to them again when one of their people called me up to ask why we had canceled our service and what they could do to get us back.

Steven Leach says:

Comcast is the only game in my town

If I want Broadband, I have NO choice, it’s Comcast. There is no other cable provider, there is no DSL since AT&T and the other telcos have decided this section of the country is not worth it, will not provide a return on investment in less than 5 years. So how is my government choosing to help, by charging me another 2,000 to bailout failed banking cronies, and companies. I wish we as citizens would just vote all the payed for politicians. I can proudly say that I have not voted for an incumbant in 4 elections how about you. i can proudly say that I did not vote for G.W. Bush, I voted for Al Gore. I can say that I did not vote for Nancy Pelosi, or Diane Feinstein, how about you? Who are you going to vote for now ?

Mariska Hargitay says:

I’d complain to Comcast, but I’m afraid they’ll start charging me for all the cable channels I get. As soon as FIOS shows up, I’m bailing on those clowns anyway. The analog cable channels have been dropping like flies, and dish’s HD package and FIOS should run around what Comcast has been bilking me every month, with better speed and quality.

Anonymous Coward says:


“…the broadband caps it had always had..”
(As opposed to: “…the broadband caps it always had…”
I love this.
Two of the same helping verb…
Still, better than the crap on CNN.

Now someone will reply with the “grammar Nazi” phrase as an excuse to the above retardation. I guess, if someone wrote 2+2=5, would that be a “math Nazi”?

illogical.reasons says:

I can’t wait to find an other internet provider. I live in MI. In my area the only high speed internet provider is comcast. I have called AT&T, Verizon… they don’t have any other services in my area. I will have to move to be able to work with verizon, AT& T or other inernet provider. I have the dfeeling that this company is keeping in hostage. I thought America was the contry of competition not of monopole. I am sick of this BS. Comcast is like micfrosoft. Basically I have to pay this outrageous payment every month $60 just for internet. I am sick of paying these bastards. I am really sick of this company

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